6 things you can buy instead of iPhone 6

Before you prepare to spend about 60,000 on the latest piece of Apple wizardry, remember there is so much more you can do with the same amount of money -- like going to Bali and zooming off on a new bike.

| Updated on: Sep 12 2014, 11:23 IST
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The net is flooded with articles advising you why you should scrounge, steal and break your kid's piggy bank to buy iPhone 6. It is thinner (an entire .2 inches than the phone you already have in your hand, woah), have a great camera (your duck pout in those selfies would look so much better) and so many other options (which you would never use but that's for another piece).

So, many of us will be blowing a month's salary (say, about 60,000) on this shiny new piece of Apple wizardry when it comes to India. That will give us bragging rights on our not-so-fortunate brethren for about a month after which it will be obsolete. Someone would have launched something even more breathtaking and have-able by then.

That's when we will start looking for that piggy bank again.

But when you are blowing your money on the latest gadgetry, realise there is so much more you could have done with the same amount of money. And even the kid will agree that this is piggy bank money well spent.

Go clubbing in Bali

Get your designer togs and buy a round trip to Bali. When not enjoying the scenic sights, you can head to clubs and party hard. And you know what, your existing phone will do just as well to capture the MANY memorable moments of your Bali trip.

A round trip in economy costs 50,000. Spend the rest at the clubs.

A PlayStation 4, games and a lounger

At the price of one phone, you get an entire recreational room. You get to buy the Playstation 4, a lounger to go with it and games. Chances are there will be some change left for a couple of beers. Make a night of it.

Playstation 4 costs 39,990, but you can get it slightly cheaper if you shop online. Games come between 3,000-5,000. Lounger depends on your bargaining capabilities.

BOSE speakers

All you Apple fanboys, try BOSE this time. As good in getting you all the attention, and it will be a long time before someone will tell you, 'You are STILL listening to that music system.'

Damages: 62,000.

A motorbike
No phone can make you an alpha male, only a bike can. A couple of more thousands and you can buy an Avenger or, even better, a second hand Enfield. Machismo comes complimentary.

Damages: An Avenger comes for about 85,000.

A 40 inch LED TV

Mobile phones are ephemeral, TVs are forever (or at least till curved TVs prove their worth). And for once, you can tell the family, you did it just for them. Enjoy all the perks which come with the brownie points.

Damages: 56,000 (Sony).

A new wardrobe

Not all Apple fans are fanboys, some are fangirls too. Why strike them dead with a phone for just one day. Change your entire wardrobe and stretch the process over weeks. Just heard: the Fall/Winter clothes in showrooms are just scrumptious.

Damages: Go hunting, strike a mean bargain.

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First Published Date: 10 Sep, 17:46 IST
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