Android tips and tricks: Secret codes to know on your phone

    Your Android phone has many secret codes that allows you to take some critical steps that can prove to be very helpful.
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    | Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 23:34 IST
    Some of these secret Android codes can be used in times of trouble.. (Pixabay)
    Some of these secret Android codes can be used in times of trouble.. (Pixabay)

    Your Android smartphone is full of surprises! Yes, your phone has a a number of tips and tricks that will you make you exclaim, “Why did I not find these earlier!” Well, to cut to the chase, we have listed here a few Android secret codes that can help you in carrying out some tasks with just a few clicks instead of going through a huge list of settings. These Android codes, which commonly start with "*#," have long been used on phones to gain access to secret apps and settings. However, do note that not all of these codes may be present on your specific device as every manufacturer uses varying hardware configurations and there is no single code that fits all.

    Shut down your device

    There are times when your phone's switch-off mode itself goes on the blink. In case you are unable to switch off your phone through the regular means provided by the manufacturer, you can turn to another, hidden, feature that will get the device to shut down. This problem does arise when a phone is affected by a virus or simply because the buttons have become unresponsive. Unclogging the jam requires a shut down and a restart. In fact, restarting the phone often acts as a cure for many phone software issues. So, to shut down the phone, you can use *#*#7594#*#* code.

    Reset your phone, just like that!

    How many times have you wanted to factory-reset your phone and then searched the entire house to locate a pin thin enough to fit into the small hole in the phone? Nowadays, those pins are increasingly tough to obtain unlike in yesteryears when they were virtually omnipresent. . A factory reset becomes necessary when your phone has stopped responding, become too slow or maybe it's facing some technical glitches. This is of critical importance when you want to sell your existing phone. The super shortcut trick to reset your phone is to just open your dial pad and type *2767*3855#. And, it's done!

    Secret code to check your data and SMS usage

    You just don't want to run out of data or SMS, not during the pandemic, at least. To keep a strict watch on data use, you can use a feature that is quite handy. So, if you are using your data and SMS with the fear of it getting over soon, then there's a handy tool for you that will banish these feelings as it will give you the complete picture. Just type a code and know in no time how much your messages and data are still available. Type *3282# on your dial pad and the information will be displayed in front of you on your mobile screen.

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