Chandrayaan-3 mission Shiv Shakti point on Moon: What PM Narendra Modi said today about ISRO triumph

Before the commencement of Parliament's special session, PM Narendra Modi shed light on the ISRO success with Chandrayaan-3 mission and the Shiv Shakti point on the Moon.

| Updated on: Sep 18 2023, 17:44 IST
Chandrayaan-3: 5 points to know as moon landing date looms large
1/6 Chandrayaan-3 was launched on  July 14 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota with the help of a GSLV Mark 3 (LVM 3) heavy-lift launch vehicle. Here are 5 points to know: (PTI)
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2/6 As Chandrayaan-3 moves into its final phase of landing the lander on the moon, former Chief Controller (R&D) of the DRDO Dr Apathukatha Sivathanu Pillai, said that it will be "100% successful". The landing date is likely August 23.  (PTI)
3/6 Progress is rapid and on schedule and recently, ISRO has even shared videos of the Moon along with Earth captured by the Vikram lander.  (ISRO)
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4/6 The lander reached an orbit with its closest point to the moon (Perilune) at 30 km. The farthest point (the Apolune) will be 100 km. ( REUTERS)
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5/6 . ISRO has revealed that the next deboosting operation for Chandrayaan-3 mission landing on the moon is scheduled for August 20, 2023. (REUTERS)
6/6 Dr Pillai explained the importance of Chandrayaan-3 to ANI and said, "It will enable the identification of various lunar resources, particularly Helium-3, which holds promise as a future energy source." (ISRO Twitter)
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ISRO achieved a magnificent success with the Chandrayaan-3 mission and today, PM Narendra Modi talked about the Shiv Shakti point on the Moon as a new centre of inspiration. (ISRO)

Indian Space Research Organisation made history by landing the Vikram Lander on the Moon through its Chandrayaan 3 mission. Not just that, Pragyan Rover too successfully trundled out of the Vikram lander and roamed on the Moon to study the lunar surface for 14 days and gave people some amazing and unimaginable insights that can now further be analyzed by space scientists. With the great achievement of Indian scientists, PM Narendra Modi spoke today about the importance of the Shiv Shakti point on the Moon that was named by India.

Narendra Modi on Chandrayaan-3 Shiv Shakti point

PM Narendra Modi, just before the Parliament's special session started speaking about the Shiv Shakti point on the Moon where ISRO safely landed the Vikram lander. He said, “Success of Moon Mission --- Chandrayaan-3 has hoisted our Tiranga, Shiv Shakti Point has become a new centre of inspiration, Tiranga Point is filling us with pride.”

The Chandrayaan-3 mission not only put our nation's flag on the Moon, but also showcased Indian strength in science and technology. Right now the Vikram lander and the Pragyan rover are in sleep mode as the lunar night is ongoing. However, scientists believe that the mission can further commence on September 22, if ISRO manages to wake them up.

The Chandrayaan-3 mission has already surpassed its expected goals and if the mission continues further then it will be another big achievement for India as well as the ISRO scientists.

PM Narendra Modi added, “Across the world, when such an achievement is made, it is viewed by linking it to modernity, science and technology. When this capability comes before the world, several opportunities and possibilities knock at the doors of India."

Chandrayaan-3 mission discoveries

During the 14-day course, the lander and the rover made significant discoveries that stunned scientists. According to ISRO, the Vikram lander was able to measure the temperature of the Moon's surface which was as high as 60-70 degrees. This was unexpected as it was some 30 degrees higher than what scientists expected. Below the surface, it dipped to -10 degrees. The mission also found the presence of Sulphur along with other elements. The Vikram lander recorded seismic activities on the Moon which came as a surprise for many. Additionally, ISRO also conducted a hop experiment in which the lander rose 40 cm above the lunar ground and landed again.

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First Published Date: 18 Sep, 17:44 IST