Creative T12: Big price for casual listening

These new desktop speakers pack quite a punch, but at 5,499 may feel a little steep.

| Updated on: Aug 20 2011, 12:00 IST

Creative's new T12 stereo speakers lack a subwoofer, but are wireless. Their form factor is more suited for desktops and compact settings. The slim design makes them apt for small rooms and their black chrome finish, gives them an attractive look and feel. The build quality of the T12 is sturdy on all fronts. The knob moves smoothly, the Bluetooth button doesn't feel cheap and the ports are also well built.

While the power chord might feel a little too long, the wire that connects the right speaker to the left is just the right size. The cones of the T12 speakers are somewhat delicate, but they aren't bad looking. However, since they're exposed, there's a risk of them getting damaged. There's a line-in port behind for tethering the T12 speakers to other media devices and Creative has been thoughtful by placing a headphone jack on the front.

You can pair your laptops, mobile phones and PMPs to the speakers. Apple devices are not left out either and you can use the Creative BT-D5 Wireless transmitter to connect your iPod touch or iPhone to the speakers. To test them, we played various genres of music and the result was impressive. These speakers can get loud if you crank up the volume to maximum.

Of course, there is a bit of distortion with the volume maxed out, but in terms of loudness, the T12 definitely packs quite a punch. The highs sound crisp and the mids don't sound muffled at all. Although the T12 doesn't have a subwoofer, the bass response is decent. The T12 captures most of the details well and doesn't blend the music into a hodgepodge. Right from a crash of the cymbals to the kick of the bass, all of it can be heard.

It was a little surprising to see that you can make out the soundstage of a track with these. This is something that most single speakers units fail to do. Of course it's not too prominent, but nevertheless it's impressive for a bunch of two-channel speakers. On the whole, the performance is decent.

The T12 speakers are priced at 5,499, which is quite steep, if you look at the average price range for desktop speakers. For that matter, even the D100 is priced lower than this and performs decently in comparison. The T12 has its own share of problems of shrill high tones and distortion at relatively lower volumes. If you're looking for a pair of desktop speakers for casual listening and also occasionally streaming music from your phone or notebook, these are worth considering.

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First Published Date: 19 Jul, 15:16 IST