Google Pay’s Diwali scheme ends tonight but Rangoli stamp remains elusive

Google Pay users are still looking for the elusive Rangoli stamp as the scheme ends tonight.

Google Pay’s Diwali scheme ends tonight
Google Pay’s Diwali scheme ends tonight (Google)

Ahead of the Diwali festival, Google introduced a new stamps collection scheme. Users who collected all five stamps will get 251 and stand a chance to win 1 lakh. The scheme has become quite a hit though most of users are struggling to get the fifth Rangoli stamp.

Google Pay's stamps scheme extended till Nov 11

As Google Pay's Diwali stamps scheme ends on October 31 at 11:59 PM, a lot of users have taken it various forums to point out that they're unable to get the fifth Rangoli stamp.

A quick Google search shows various cheatcodes (including video tutorials) to get the Rangoli stamp. In fact, some users are running "Rangoli stamp giveaway" schemes on Twitter and other social networking platforms.




Apparently, Google Pay India is aware about the scarcity of Rangoli stamps as well.


Mobikwik didn't hold back to troll Google Pay users over the Rangoli stamp.


Google Pay's stamps collection has five Diwali-themed stamps - Jumka, Flower, Diya, Lantern, and Rangoli. Users can gift and request these stamps with their friends. Google Pay also has a "Diwali Scanner" within the app that allows users to scan a Diwali item to get a new stamp. Other ways to get these Diwali stamps include paying 35 or more (which could be either sending money, recharge mobile number, or paying a bill or business).

"Stamps are given out randomly. You could get any one of the 5 different stamps per collection method. The more you pay friends and businesses with Google, the ore stamps you can collect," according to Google's rules for the stamps game.