Here’s how you can use hashtags on Google Maps

Google wants to make it easier for people to find places with hashtags. Here’s how you can start using hashtags on Google Maps.

Google Maps gets new hashtags feature for Android users.
Google Maps gets new hashtags feature for Android users. (Shutterstock)

Google Maps got some pretty cool features this year to make it more interactive and assistive. Google has now rolled out hashtags for Maps to help users locate restaurants and cafes easily.

First reported by Tech Crunch, this feature has been rolled out globally for Android users. Hashtags are currently available only to Google Maps' Local Guides programme. Local Guides on Google Maps can share reviews, photos, and knowledge about the places they visit. Local Guides can also update their old reviews with hashtags.

If you wish to become a reviewer on Google Maps, you can simply join the Local Guides programme here. Google requires users to be 18 years of age to become a local guide in their city. Once you've become a local guide, you can start reviewing places with the new hashtags feature.

For those who wish to check out places with the same hashtag can tap on the highlighted text. Here, places listed with the same hashtag will appear.

Google Maps' hashtags are not very generic now like those on Instagram and Twitter. TechCrunch notes that reviewers are asked to use specific hashtags like #goodforselfies or #sunsetviews with the sole purpose of helping out others in locating the places. Generic hashtags like #food will not be helpful for other users on Google Maps.

Recently, Google released new features like the option to follow businesses. It also revamped the "My Business" app for business owners to respond to reviews and messages.