Mars, Uranus conjunction today? Know when, where and how to watch rare planetary phenomenon

This weekend, Mars and Uranus will make their close appearance together in the night sky. Here are all the details about the Mars, Uranus conjunction date and time.

| Updated on: Jul 31 2022, 10:56 IST
Mars and Uranus
Mars and Uranus conjunction: Both planets will look like they are almost touching each other. (NASA)
Mars and Uranus
Mars and Uranus conjunction: Both planets will look like they are almost touching each other. (NASA)

Stargazers will be going to have a rare view just at the end of this weekend! There is a rare phenomenon that is set to adorn the sky and it is called a planetary conjunction. The planets involved are Mars and Uranus and they will line up just two widths of a full moon apart in the constellation of Aries. This Mars, Uranus conjunction is one of the rare opportunities for sky-watchers to see these planets so close togeter. They will be able to spot the pale Uranus from Earth in the night sky with the help of a brightening Mars.

However, despite the optics, these two planets won't really be close to each other. In reality, Mars and Uranus will be about 1.6 billion miles far from each other. However, in the early hours of August 1, they will appear as if they are just 1 degree apart from each other in the night sky. If you have never had a chance to catch Uranus in the sky, then this weekend, you have a chance. Don't miss this rare celestial spectacle! Know when, where, and how to catch Mars and Uranus planetary conjunction.

Mars and Uranus conjunction: When and where to watch

It may vary depending on your exact location. However, a LiveScience report says that any night this weekend and early next week will be a great chance to watch the Mars and Uranus conjunction. "They will rise together in the east around midnight local time as seen in the Northern Hemisphere and be visible high in the southeast until about two hours before sunrise," the report mentioned. You will need to look around 1:00 am UTC (6.30AM in India) on August 1 and August 2. Along with these planets, you will also be able to see the brightest open cluster of stars - Pleiades in the night sky.

How to catch the Mars-Uranus planet conjunction

It is possible to see the planet in conjunction with naked eyes under perfectly dark conditions! However, it will be much better if you use binoculars or a small telescope to spot Mars and Uranus this weekend. If you miss this chance, then there is another option to watch the planet's conjunction via live broadcasting by Virtual Telescope Project.

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First Published Date: 31 Jul, 10:56 IST
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