New kids on the gaming block

We know about Diablo 3, Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2. We are looking forward to them too. Here are a few original titles — which do not belong to any rolling franchise — that are creating a lot of pre-release hype

| Updated on: Jan 06 2012, 22:55 IST

Overstrike, PS3, Xbox 360
This is a four-player co-op shooter, where a group of mercenaries, thie-ves and scientists must prevent a terrorist group from destroying mank-ind. Boasting slightly cartoon-ish visuals and ridiculous gadgets, Ove-rstrike's metaphorical tongue is placed firmly in its cheek here. And while the set-up hardly screams innovation, we hope that the co-operative dynamics lead to lots of fun sci-fi blasting.

BattleBlock Theater, Xbox 360
When legendary adventurer Hatty Hattington washes up on a tropical island, the last thing he exp-ects to find is a gladitorial theatre run by a demonic civilisation of intelligent cats.
Yet that is exactly where he and his faithful servant end up in this crazed comic book-style platformer. What follows is a series of fiendish puzzle platform levels in which players can take part together, switching between co-op and competitive tactics, as they help each other through the traps and pick up gems.

Lollipop Chainsaw, PS3, Xbox 360
Set in a US high school that's suddenly overrun with zombies and featuring a sexy cheerleader as its lead character, we're expecting a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawn of the Dead. Boasting oodles of gore, politically-incorrect sex appeal and hallucinogenic visuals — it could either turn out to be the exploitation hit of the year or a misogynistic fantasy with lots of swearing. Either way, we're keen to see it.

I am alive, PS3, Xbox 360
Your job is to help an everyman survivor track down his family in a post-apocalyptic America, in the immediate aftermath of some kind of massive global disaster. Exploration is the key activity, but players will also have to find, use and/or barter goods like food, climbing equipment and cigarettes with other survivors. Think The Day After Tomorrow crossed with Irem's Disaster Report series.

Fez,Xbox 360
Pitched on some unc-anny plane of the imagination between Super Paper Mario and Echoc-hrome, Fez is a gorgeous 2D/3D platformer, which uses Escheres-que optical illusions and perspective shifts to create new pathways for the player. The retro-tinged visuals, chiptune soundtrack and brilliant puzzles have made it a favourite on the indie scene, but we expect creator Phil Fish — who's laboured over it for three years — may well have a crossover hit on his hands.
By Keith Stuart, The Guardian

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First Published Date: 06 Jan, 22:48 IST