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Revisit the classics

A great way to pass time on your netbook is by getting your hands on engaging erstwhile bestsellers. So, if you want to unwind between work, here’s a list of games you can try.

| Updated on: Apr 13 2010, 01:22 IST

Quake Live
The fastest and the most addictive shooter on the planet is now available to you free of cost via your browser. Head to the game's official website, create an account and start blasting with reckless abandon.

World of Warcraft
This grand daddy of all MMOs isn't free to play but will run just fine on your netbook.

Cricket 97
This is possibly the finest cricket game ever made. Although it might be a little tricky to find a copy now, if you're real lucky you may catch it gathering dust in some dingy corner.

Hailed by many as the pioneer of first person shooters, Half Life puts players in the boots of Dr Gordon Freeman as he holds off an alien invasion armed with his wits and the now iconic crowbar.

Counter Strike 1.6
A multiplayer modification of Half Life, Counter Strike has become the most popular multiplayer game today.

Alien VS Predator Classic 2000
This game does not support multiplayer but you have three distinct campaigns — Alien, Marine and Predator — to keep you busy for a while.

Duke Nukem 3D
Loud-mouthed cocky protagonist — check. Hot women flashing their pimps — check. Sweet weapons — check. Copious amounts of violence — check.

Doom 2
So you're a marine holding off a demonic invasion on Earth armed to the teeth with pretty much every awesome gun ever made to date including the BFG.

Grand Theft Auto 2
Satiate those free roaming urges with GTA 2 since GTA IV will basically kill your netbook and revive it only to kill it again. Yes, it's a top down game but it's still pretty awesome. And it's free.

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First Published Date: 12 Apr, 17:09 IST