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Top 5 most impactful tech inventions that changed the World

Throughout history, humans have invented and innovated to make their lives better. Here are five incredible technological inventions that have transformed the world.

| Updated on: Aug 03 2023, 15:51 IST
5 crucial tips on healthcare cyber threats that you must adopt
Tech inventions
1/6 With the healthcare sector moving apace with digital advancements, the risk of cyber attacks and hacking is also increasing daily. In the past, various harrowing cases have been reported. Notably, the escalating cyber threats in the healthcare sector account for 13% of ransomware cases at Arete. In light of this, here are five precautions that every company should take to avoid cyber threats.  (Pixabay)
Tech inventions
2/6 Ransomware threats: It is the most common type of threat as it leverages encryption to encrypt data, making it inaccessible to the owners. To prevent such things from happening, organizations must utilise security testing tools to minimize attacks and store the data on different devices.  (Pixabay)
Tech inventions
3/6 Phishing threats: these are sudden threats where hackers get sensitive information such as user login details, financial information, patient addresses and more. To avoid such risks utilize end-user education and password management tools to eliminate risks. (AFP/Shutterstock)
Tech inventions
4/6 Insider threats: Sometimes the employees can also be a threat when it comes to security. Therefore, it is crucial for healthcare service providers to have continuous user activity monitoring and background checks at every possible checkpoint.
Tech inventions
5/6 Medical device hacking: This threat occurs when tricksters get unauthorized access to medical instruments. This is a very risky and harmful threat which can also cause deaths. To avoid such threats, use strong passwords, update firmware regularly, and monitor network traffic for any unusual activity. (Pexels)
Tech inventions
6/6 Unsecured IoT Devices: Not properly configured IoT devices are easy targets for hackers. To avoid any mishappenings, perform routine security audits, update firmware, and limit access to authorised users. (Pexels)
Tech inventions
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Know how these top 5 tech inventions have transformed the World. (Pexels)

Throughout history, humans have made amazing inventions that have transformed our lives. From simple tools like the wheel and paper to incredible high-tech gadgets, our world has evolved. Let's explore five of the greatest technological wonders that have become essential in our daily lives.

1. Smartphones - The Marvelous Communicators

Communication has always been crucial for success in various aspects of life. Smartphones are like magic devices that allow us to instantly talk and message with anyone, anywhere. Compared to the old-fashioned pen and paper, smartphones have revolutionized how we connect with others. Almost everyone in America owns a cell phone, and many of them are smartphones, giving us easy access to information and a whole world of possibilities at our fingertips.

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3. GPS - Never Get Lost Again

Thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS), we can easily find our way around. Most of us have GPS on our smartphones or other tech devices, making it almost impossible to get lost. It has become an essential tool for navigation and exploration.

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4. Internet - The World's Information Highway

The Internet, though relatively young compared to some inventions, has had a massive impact on our lives. Since the 1990s, it has revolutionized how we gather information, work, shop, and entertain ourselves. It has changed our daily lives in ways no other technology has done before.

2. Microwave Ovens - Quick and Convenient

Before the late 1940s, people managed without microwave ovens, but these inventions have transformed how we prepare food. Microwave ovens have made cooking faster and more convenient. Whether at home or in the office break room, these nifty gadgets warm our hearts and our meals in no time.

5. Refrigerator - Keeping Food Fresh

Refrigeration has a long history, but the modern refrigerator has made a significant difference in preserving food. It all started with artificial refrigeration in the 18th century and later evolved into the household refrigerator that we know today. This invention has allowed us to store perishable food for longer, reducing waste and ensuring we have fresh produce whenever we need it.

These five inventions have truly changed the world and continue to play essential roles in our lives. From staying connected to finding our way and enjoying fresh meals, these technological wonders have made our lives better and more convenient.

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