Baldur’s Gate 3: Know how to get the Dawnmaster’s Crest easily in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3: Finding the Dawnmaster’s Crest can be a tricky task. But you should not ignore it as it will help you get to one of the best maces in the game. Check out how to get it easy in BG3.

| Updated on: Sep 06 2023, 18:59 IST
Baldur's Gate 3
This is how you can get the Dawnmaster’s Crest in BG3. (Baldur's Gate 3)
Baldur's Gate 3
This is how you can get the Dawnmaster’s Crest in BG3. (Baldur's Gate 3)

Ever since its full release on September 6, Baldur's Gate 3, the third installment of the series by developer and publisher Larian Studios, has become an insanely popular game. The RPG (role-playing game) has both single-player and cooperative multiplayer elements in it. But the game can be tricky sometimes as you are required to explore and find important objects that will lead you to more powerful weapons and abilities. One such important object is the Dawnmaster's Crest which many struggle to obtain. If you're finding it hard to get to as well, then just follow this simple guide. The reason the Dawnmaster's Crest is important is that later in the game, it opens the path to get one of the best maces in the game, Blood of Lathander Mace, which has healing qualities and can cast the Sunbeam. That's why, finding it requires some effort. But it is not very difficult either.

Baldur's Crest 3: How to find the Dawnmaster's Crest

To find this item, you need to go to the Rosymorn Monastery and start the Ceremonial Weapons side quest which will give you the Dawnmaster's Crest as a reward. But first, you must travel to find three ceremonial weapons that you must place in an appealing room to start the quest. But all these weapons can be found around the monastery.

Ceremonial Longsword: This is already kept in its place, so don't worry about it right now and focus on the other three weapons. Once you find all three, bring them to the location of the Ceremonial Longsword to start the quest.

Ceremonial Battleaxe: It is located next to the Guardian of Faith Spell, behind a locked enchanted door. But getting to it is not easy. You need to get out of the stained glass room. Head south till you get to a large hole. Jump over it and move east. You'll see the door. Lockpick the door. Then jump over the bed to enter the room. The Ceremonial Battleaxe should be on the ground next to a Guardian of Faith guardian. Beat him to get the weapon.

Ceremonial Warhammer: Your next location is the eagle's nest on top of the roof of the Monastery. To get there, exit the room and move leftwards. After a few steps, you will see Knotted Roots that you must climb to get to the roof. There, you will have to battle the giant eagle to get the weapon.

Rusty Mace: It is located below the floor where you got the Battleaxe. To get there, get down from the roof and get out through the wooden door behind you. Go down the stairs and move right. There should be a barricade on the wall that you must break. It should open up a hole in the wall. Go inside and look on the left side. You will find the Rusty Mace.

Now, you are all set to get the Dawnmaster's Crest. Go back to the stained glass room and place the weapons in their corresponding slots. Keep the warhammer on the left side of the entrance and mace on the right side. Battleaxe goes to the back of the room. Place them properly and you will get the Dawnmaster's Crest.

Hope this guide helps you in finding the object.

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First Published Date: 06 Sep, 18:58 IST