Roblox Clicking Havoc codes for October 2023: Chance to win boosts, pets, and more

Roblox Clicking Havoc codes for October 2023: Want to build resources quickly to progress through the game? Claim these redeem codes and you can win amazing rewards.

| Updated on: Oct 03 2023, 18:38 IST
Roblox Clicking Havoc
Check the Roblox Clicking Havoc codes for October 2023 here. (Roblox)
Roblox Clicking Havoc
Check the Roblox Clicking Havoc codes for October 2023 here. (Roblox)

Roblox Clicking Havoc codes for October 2023: Roblox, one of the biggest online game platforms, is home to thousands of fun and engaging games that millions of people play on a daily basis. But some games stand among the rest for being addictively entertaining. One such game is Clicking Havoc, which most regular fans of the game already know about. For the unaware, it is a click-based game where players have to tap on the screen to collect resources, which then can be used to purchase in-game items to progress. However, it can be quite difficult for new players to quickly rise through the ranks on their own. That's where these Clicking Havoc codes come in. They contain special rewards that can help players massively.

Roblox Clicking Havoc codes

Check this month's up-to-date codes below. But do ensure to redeem them as soon as possible in order to avoid expired codes.

  • SECRET—Redeem for a Mythic Lava Elemental Pet
  • 15MILLION—Redeem for a Mythic 15M Pet
  • UPDATE54—Redeem for a 2x Luck Boost and a 3x Luck Boost
  • VAPORWAVE—Redeem for a new Pet
  • UPDATE52—Redeem for a Luck Boost and an Egg Boost
  • EASTER—Redeem for a Small Easter Dominus
  • UPDATE51—Redeem for several Boosts
  • UPDATE50—Redeem for several Boosts
  • RANKUP—Redeem for a Cloud Dominus Pet
  • UPDATE47—Redeem for free Boosts
  • UPDATE46—Redeem for free Boosts
  • DEVELOPER—Redeem for a Mini Toxic Pet
  • JOLLY—Redeem for x2 & x3 Luck Boosts
  • FESTIVE—Redeem for Pet
  • UPDATE33—Redeem for a free boost
  • AURIC—Redeem for a Mini Auric Pet
  • CORRUPT—Redeem for a Mini Corrupt Dominus Pet
  • 4MILLIONVISITS—Redeem for All Boosts (15 minutes)
  • SPINTHEWHEEL—Redeem for Prize Wheel Pet
  • LAVA—Redeem for a Chilled Lava Cat Pet
  • POWERFUL—Redeem for a Grim Reaper Pet
  • BATTLE—Redeem for a Sword Pet
  • RELEASE—Redeem for Lava Elemental Pet
  • GEMS—Redeem for 1500 gems &1500 clicks
  • CLICKS—Redeem for 1500 gems &1500 clicks
  • BOOST—Redeem for an x2 Click Boost (15 minutes)
  • UPDATE29—Redeem for an x2 Luck Boost (20 minutes)
  • QUESTS—Redeem for a Starry Dominus Pet
  • 3MILLIONVISITS—Redeem for All Boosts (15 minutes)
  • VOID—Redeem for a Void Star Shine Pet
  • CHEST—Redeem for a Chest Pet
  • UPDATE27—Redeem for x2 Luck Boost (15 minutes)
  • MINI—Redeem for a Charged Dominus Pet
  • 200KVISITS—Redeem for an x2 Click Boost (10 minutes)
  • 28KMEMBERS—Redeem for an x2 Luck Boost (10 minutes)
  • TINYGEM—Redeem for a Tiny Gem Pet and 1.5k Gems
  • YOUTUBE—Redeem for a YouTube Play Button Pet
  • BUG FIXES—Redeem for a Cool Hammer Pet
  • 2KLIKES—Redeem for an x2 Click Boost (15 minutes) and an x3 Hatch Boost (five minutes)
  • B4N—Redeem for Havoc Hammer Pet
  • 500KVISITS—Redeem for a 500K Pet
  • THANKYOU—Redeem for all boosts (five minutes)
  • 600KVISITS—Redeem for a free +1 Egg Boost
  • UPDATE10—Redeem for a Havoc Flame Pet
  • HELL—Redeem for a Mini Hell Demon Pet
  • 10KFAVORITES—Redeem for an x2 Luck Boost
  • 100KMEMBERS—Redeem for an x2 Luck Boost
  • UPDATE13—Redeem for a Shiny Pet Boost (five minutes)
  • 1MVISITS—Redeem for free Boosts
  • CELEBRATE—Redeem for a Party Hat Pet
  • PATRIOT—Redeem for free Boosts
  • FIREWORKS—Redeem for an American Flag Pet

How to claim Roblox Clicking Havoc codes for October 2023

1. First, go to the game.

2. Click on the Twitter logo to open the code dialog box.

3. Type the active codes in the text field given.

4. Click on ‘Claim'. That's it. You have successfully redeemed the codes.

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First Published Date: 03 Oct, 18:36 IST