BGMI tips: Top 5 guns to dominate NUSA map and to grab the chicken dinner

Pick the best guns for quick battles on BGMI's NUSA map. Check out these five weapons that offer speed, power, and control.

| Updated on: Oct 14 2023, 06:23 IST
Discover the best guns for quick battles on BGMI's NUSA map. (BGMI)
Discover the best guns for quick battles on BGMI's NUSA map. (BGMI)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is back in Indian app stores with a new map called NUSA. NUSA is a small map, only 1x1 in size, and it offers quick matches that usually last just eight minutes. On this map, Krafton introduced the Super Recall feature, which randomly equips players with a weapon, adding excitement to the game.

With NASA's unique characteristics of fast-paced, short matches, players need guns that offer versatility, power, and control. Here are the top five guns that will help you adapt to this dynamic gameplay and have thrilling battles on the NUSA map.

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1. AKM

The AKM is a strong assault rifle that uses 7.62mm ammo. It packs a punch and is great for close-quarters combat, but it has significant recoil. With practice and the right attachments like compensators and grips, the AKM can become a devastating weapon on the NUSA map.

2. DP-26

The DP-26 is a light machine gun that fires quickly and deals high damage. It has a large magazine capacity, making it perfect for prolonged firefights and suppressing enemies. It uses 7.62mm ammo, and when you're prone, it's easier to control the spray.

3. M416

The M416 is a versatile assault rifle known for its accuracy, stability, and customization options. With a high fire rate and manageable recoil, it shines in close to medium-range combat. Attachments like scopes, grips, and extended magazines enhance its effectiveness. It uses 5.56 ammo.

4. M249

The M249 is another light machine gun, using 5.56 ammo. It has a high rate of fire and excellent bullet penetration. Its large magazine allows for sustained suppressive fire, suitable for both defensive and offensive playstyles. Just be cautious about its slow reload speed and find cover when you need to reload.

5. UMP

The UMP (Universal Machine Pistol) is a submachine gun perfect for close to medium-range fights. It offers a good balance of stability, damage, and fire rate. The UMP has low recoil, making it easy to control, even during rapid fire. It uses 45 ammo.

So, these are your top choices for guns on the NUSA map. Pick one that suits your style, and get ready for some fast and thrilling battles.

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First Published Date: 14 Oct, 06:23 IST