Wordle 426 answer for August 19: Solve it like a strategist! Check Wordle hints, clues and solution | How-to

Wordle 426 answer for August 19: Solve it like a strategist! Check Wordle hints, clues and solution

Wordle 426 answer for August 19: Today’s Wordle brings yet another mind boggling puzzle. So if you want to solve it, use these Wordle hints, clues and solution.

| Updated on: Aug 19 2022, 07:11 IST
Wordle answer today: Relatively easy! Take the help of these Wordle hints and clues
1/6 Wordle Answer today: Wordle’s daily solutions are often simple words which can cause confusion. Getting even a single letter wrong can leave you scratching your head. (AFP)
2/6 Clues - Today’s word starts with U and ends with T. (Divya/HT Tech)
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3/6 The word has 2 vowels, one of them being E. BIGGEST HINT – The word is associated with a feeling. (HT Tech)
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4/6 The word is how you would feel if you, for instance, guessed the wrong answer for today’s Wordle. That last hint was the biggest one that you needed to guess the Wordle 405 answer correctly. So, go ahead and give it a try yourself! (HT Tech)
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5/6 We’ve practically given away the answer with that hint! If you still haven’t figured out the solution for today’s Wordle then don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Scroll down to find the Wordle 405 solution below. (HT Tech)
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6/6 SPOILER ALERT: This is your absolute last chance to not spoil today's Wordle puzzle. The Wordle Answer for July 29 is UPSET, meaning “to make somebody worry or feel unhappy”. Keep an eye on this space for tomorrow’s Wordle hints and clues. (HT Tech)
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Wordle 426 answer for August 19: Don’t just randomly make guesses. Solve the puzzle with a clear strategy using these Wordle hints, clues and solution (HT Tech)

Wordle 426 answer for August 19: If you have been playing the game for a while, you know that there is a system to this chaos. The game is not just about starting with a random word and then guessing till you find the answer or not. Many veteran players have talked about the art of making the game be about the letters and figuring out the word later. If you wish to create a large enough winning streak, then you need to adapt a strategic view of the game as well. And if you're confused how to do it, then simply check Wordle hints and clues. And for those who are stuck today, you can scroll to the bottom for the solution.

Wordle 426 hints for August 19

Today's word is not a common one but it is not obscure either. Chances are, if you like reading, you have come across this word plenty of times. There are no repeated letters in the word but there are two uncommon letters, which might get a little tricky to find. But just try to eliminate letters and we think you should be fine. We would recommend using a starting word with uncommon consonants today.

Wordle 426 clues for August 19

1. Today's word starts with the letter S.

2. The word has just one vowel.

3. The word ends with G. 

4. The vowel is U.

5. Biggest clue - It's what you do when you don't know the answer to a question. 

These were your clues. Think about them for a bit. We are sure the answer will reveal itself to you. And once you go to solve it, use this information to strategically solve the puzzle. And for those of you who need extra assistance, just check below.

Wordle 426 answer for August 19

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you are not looking for the answer to today's Wordle.

This is your last chance to turn back or you may spoil the answer for today's puzzle.

Today's word is SHRUG. It means, “to lift your shoulders as a way of showing that you do not know something or are not interested”. Make sure to come here again tomorrow for more hints and clues. 

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First Published Date: 19 Aug, 07:11 IST