Google Pixel 8 is an AI powerhouse! Check these 8 mindblowing features

The smartphone has been changed forever! The Google Pixel 8 series has a range of AI-powered features that can transform how we use our handsets. From Call Assistant, Best Take, to Assistant with Bard, check the list.

| Updated on: Oct 05 2023, 21:14 IST
Google Pixel 8
Know all the mindblowing AI features on the Google Pixel 8 series. (Google)
Google Pixel 8
Know all the mindblowing AI features on the Google Pixel 8 series. (Google)

Yesterday, October 4, the Google Pixel 8 series was unveiled at the Made by Google event. The latest flagship smartphones by Google witnessed a number of upgrades including the new Tensor G3 chipset, more powerful cameras, and improved displays. But one area where the Pixel phones really surprised everyone was the level of AI integration. The features were simply mindblowing! It is evident that Google spent a lot of time developing these AI capabilities for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Some of these features have never been seen on any smartphones, and as per the company, it can change the way people use their phones. Yes, smartphones have been changed forever! Features such as Call Assistant, Best Take, Magic Audio Eraser, and Assistant with Bard were the major highlights. Let us take a look at the amazing AI features on the Google 8 series.

AI features in the Google Pixel 8 series

1. Call Assistant: This is a really cool feature where the AI will be able to tell the calls you want to pick and the ones you don't want to. It will screen such calls and will directly take it to live voicemail from where you can see real-time transcriptions of what the caller is saying and make up your mind on whether you want to pick it or not. The AI that speaks with the callers is also becoming more natural sounding, meaning it can hold up a contextual conversation as well.

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2. Photo Unblur: Photo Unblur is a versatile solution for enhancing the quality of your photos, regardless of their blurriness origin, whether they are old, recently captured in low light, or taken with various devices. This tool effectively corrects blurriness due to camera shake, sharpens dimly lit images, enhances the clarity of aged pictures, and unblurs photos from alternate devices like smartphones and tablets. Using Photo Unblur is a straightforward process; just upload your blurry image, and the tool will automatically begin its enhancements. You can then preview the results, make necessary adjustments, and finally, download or share the improved photo with others once you are satisfied with the outcome.

3. Best Take: Best Take uses AI to mix and match expressions from different photos to create the perfect group photo. So, you can take 5 different shots where different members of the group look good, and then it combines them all.

4. Magic Editor: It harnesses the power of AI to simplify intricate photo editing tasks. With this tool, you can effortlessly adjust the size and position of your subject, modify lighting and backgrounds, and seamlessly eliminate any undesirable elements from your photos.

5. Audio Magic Eraser: The Pixel 8 is getting a new Audio Magic Eraser feature that allows users to remove unwanted sounds from videos. This feature is similar to the Magic Eraser feature that was introduced on the Pixel 6, but it is designed to work with sound instead of images.

Audio Magic Eraser works by separating the different sounds in a video into layers. This allows users to remove specific sounds, such as a dog barking or a baby cooing, without affecting the other sounds in the video.

6. Summarize web pages: The Pixel 8 series gets the capability to produce a webpage summary, enabling you to promptly grasp the essential elements. This summarization tool can be tailored to various styles, whether it's emphasizing key points, primary arguments, or the overall tone of the text.

7. Zoom Enhance: With this feature, you can zoom in on any photo after the fact and crop to what you want the focus of your photo to be. Using generative AI, Zoom Enhance intelligently fills in the gaps between pixels and predicts fine details, opening up more possibilities when it comes to framing and flexibility to focus on the most important part of your photo.

8. AI-powered Gboard: Google Keyboard (Gboard), one of the most popular keyboard apps on Android and iOS, is now AI-powered. This means that Gboard can now suggest different ways to phrase a sentence to achieve the desired tone. This is especially useful for writing emails, social media posts, or other text-based communications where tone is important.

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First Published Date: 05 Oct, 21:14 IST