Chingari co-founder shares how much the app has grown over the past week

How much growth are we talking about? For this, HT Tech got in touch with the man behind the app, Sumit Ghosh.

| Updated on: Aug 20 2022, 21:52 IST
Chingari (HT Tech)
Chingari (HT Tech)

If you have been following the Internet trend lately, you must have come across an app called Chingari. Amidst the whole Chinese product and app ban fiasco, Chingari has emerged as one of those Indian apps that has been downloaded millions of times within a matter of days. And naturally, this has led to a tremendous growth of the app in terms of users, comments, likes and video uploads.

But exactly how much growth are we talking about? For this, HT Tech got in touch with the man behind the app, Sumit Ghosh.

In an exclusive interview with HT Tech, Ghosh shared some numbers that Chingari had witnessed over the past few days. According to the stats provided to us for June 29-July 5 time period, the short video sharing app saw some 19.6 million likes by 2.27 million users - a growth by over 400%. Over the same time period, Ghosh added that Chingari garnered 1.6 million comments on videos by 887,000 users - that's again a growth by over 500% and 400% for the number of clicks on the comment button and users who actually commented.

As for how much content was made on the app, Ghosh says that between June 29-July 5, some 2.3 million users created a total of 8 million videos in the app. He added that the team is not tracking the gallery uploads but only the content shot directly from the camera app.

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What's interesting to note is that users may not get the option to upload from the gallery once the team has perfected the camera app as Ghosh said. Lastly, the Chingari app creator said that 2.6 million users uploaded around 11.2 million audio clips to videos. This again means a rise by more than 500%.

While these are some impressive numbers in itself, the app creators have confirmed that Chingari will improve further as the usage surge is getting higher with each passing day. Recently, Ghosh added that the application will soon receive a new UX, bug fixes and scalable infra among other features in the future.

Chingari is one of the Indian applications that has gained huge traction following the ban on as many as 59 China-linked applications. The platform, which offers a TikTok-like interface, recently went past 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Last week, Ghosh revealed that about 148 million videos were watched on Chingari and 3.5 million videos were liked. The application also garnered 11 million users. The company aims to hit 100 million users by the end of this month.

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First Published Date: 07 Jul, 18:46 IST