BGMI tips: Unlock victory in Santorini TDM map with these top 5 assault rifles

Explore the ultimate weapon choices for BGMI's Santorini TDM map. Discover the top 5 Assault Rifles that can give you the edge in this intense battleground. Check these tips now.

| Updated on: Nov 04 2023, 14:13 IST
Discover the best assault rifles for dominating BGMI's Santorini TDM map. (Ijaj| HT Tech)
Discover the best assault rifles for dominating BGMI's Santorini TDM map. (Ijaj| HT Tech)

BGMI's exciting new addition, the Santorini TDM map, transports players to the enchanting Greek island of Santorini. This breathtaking battleground marks the fourth Arena mode map in BGMI, following the footsteps of Warehouse, Ruins, and Domination. What sets Santorini apart is its unique 8v8 setup, demanding players to elevate their shooting skills in a fiercely competitive environment. To excel on this remarkable map, choosing the right Assault Rifles is crucial. In our BGMI tips, we've compiled a list of the top 5 ARs that will help players secure more kills and victories in the Santorini TDM map.

1. M416

When it comes to delivering stable sprays, the M416 stands as a peerless choice in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Firing 5.56mm ammunition, this weapon proves invaluable for unleashing laser-like sprays upon approaching adversaries. Equipped with a laser sight, the M416 even enables players to eliminate foes with hip-fire precision.

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2. Groza

Renowned for its ability to wreak havoc in close-range combat, the Groza is an exclusive air-drop weapon that has garnered fame on various TDM maps. On the Santorini map, the Groza shines by mowing down multiple foes with a single, devastating spray.

3. G36C

Traditionally found in Karakin and Vikendi in classic mode, the G36C has now made its way to the Santorini map, much to the delight of players who don't frequent those locales. Its popularity stems from its remarkable headshot percentage, which simplifies the task of dispatching enemies.

4. AKM

Season after season, the AKM has proven itself as a reliable weapon for close-range skirmishes. While it may exhibit slightly more recoil than some assault rifles, its formidable damage output more than compensates. Players who favor hunkering down in the snug confines of Santorini's tiny houses can leverage the AKM to their advantage.

5. AUG

The AUG boasts the highest damage-dealing capability, boasting a base damage of 42 among 5.56mm ammo weapons. For BGMI enthusiasts navigating the uncharted waters of the Santorini TDM map, the AUG provides a powerful tool for securing more eliminations and asserting dominance.

These top-tier assault rifles provide the firepower needed to dominate Santorini's challenging terrain. Whether you are a seasoned BGMI player or just starting your journey on this new map, these ARs will undoubtedly be your allies in securing victory on Santorini.

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First Published Date: 04 Nov, 14:13 IST