Someone turned a rotary phone into a Google Home Mini smartspeaker and the result is just amazing!

The man interacts with the Google Assistant by speaking into the receiver as a person would do to another person on the other end of the line.

| Updated on: Aug 20 2022, 19:39 IST
The receiver of the rotary phone acts as the speaker.
The receiver of the rotary phone acts as the speaker. (Alamy Stock Photo)
The receiver of the rotary phone acts as the speaker.
The receiver of the rotary phone acts as the speaker. (Alamy Stock Photo)

Smart speakers come in all shapes and sizes these days. There is a hockey puck-shaped Google Nest Mini and donut-shaped Amazon Echo Dot for those who are looking for something compact. There is the Bose Home Speaker series for people who want something classic. Then there is the Amazon Echo Plus series for people who are looking for something simple. But have you ever seen a smart speaker in the shape of a rotary phone, the ones that were used in the pre-smartphone era?

Probably, not as there are no smart speakers in the market that look like another device. But that doesn't mean you can't engineer one yourself!

In a bizarre hack, a man turned his old rustic rotary phone into a smartspeaker by replacing the internal circuitry of the old phone with a Google Home Mini smart speaker. The man, who goes by the name yu/Movieman_75 on Reddit, even shared a video of the hack on the platform.

Now the million dollar question: How does this bizzare hack work? Well, the trick, as displayed in the video, lies in using the receiver as the microphone and the speaker. In simple words, the man talked to the Google Assistant by talking into the receiver, as he would do normally while talking to another person. He hears the virtual assistant's response, which in case of the video was a song, from the head of the head of the receiver.

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Turning off the music is also simple. All the man does is place the receiver back on the phone.

Android Police, which first discovered the hack, noted that while the far-field microphones are still working in this hack, the volume, however, the volume is heavy on bass as the receiver's speaker isn't designed to 'take the volume of such a modern and hi-fi source.

Volume and features aside, this is an interesting DIY hack. While it doesn't allow the smart speaker to be used as per its complete potential, it surely is a clever Halloween hack to hide the device in plain sight without letting anyone notice.

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