Apple's first AR/VR headset could be unveiled next year

Apple is reportedly working on an AR/VR headset that looks smaller than Facebook's Oculus Quest.

Apple's AR/VR project has been in full swing since late 2015.
Apple's AR/VR project has been in full swing since late 2015. (REUTERS)

Apple has been rumoured of working on its AR glasses for months now. Turns out the iPhone maker has another project in the works, and its an AR/VR headset.

Bloomberg reports that Apple has been working on two products in the AR and VR segment since late 2015 under a team of 1,000 engineers led by Mike Rockwell. The report adds that Apple is working on a device codenamed N301 which is a hybrid AR-VR headset. This product will support gaming, streaming content and even display messages and maps for its users.

The N301 AR/VR glasses are said to look like a smaller version of Faceboook’s Oculus Quest VR headset. It features a “mostly plastic body” but with less plastic than the Oculus Quest. Apple is also said to launch a dedicated App Store for the N301 headset. It will cater to mostly gaming and streaming content. Apple is also pitting the AR/VR headset for virtual communications. It may also come with a physical remote.

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As for the second device codenamed N421, it’s a pair of AR glasses that’s lightweight. This is most likely the Apple Glasses that have been leaked on multiple occasions. Both the N301 headset and the N421 glasses will be powered by Siri.

As far as the release dates are concerned, Apple’s first headset could be announced next year with a launch planned for 2022. The AR Glasses will take longer with its release date now moved to 2023.