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Dussehra photography tips: Take awesome festive photos on your mobile

This is a special festival in the country and is celebrated with great pomp and splendour. That makes Dussehra photos special too and here we provide Dussehra photography tips to create unforgettable memories for you.

With the onset of the festive season, here’s how you can get some very good photos of the time from your mobile phone. iPhone or Android, these simple tips work on all phones.

It is Dussehra today and later today, the world around you is most likely to be decked up with lights and happy faces. Hence, it is obvious for your smartphone camera to do overtime today, clicking as many photos as possible and sharing them on social media. While experts recommend a DSLR camera for the best festive photos, we recommend your phone camera can shine too, provided you use it right.

Smartphone cameras are limited by their nature and hence, you have to ensure a couple of tricks to get the most out of them. Luckily for you, we have a couple of them listed below.

Popular Mobile Phones

Dussehra Photography Tricks on smartphone cameras

Thanks to computational photography, smartphones today are able to achieve similar results to entry-level professional cameras and sometimes even mimic those of high-end cameras.

Don’t use the flash

A flash always robs photos of their natural look. Unless there’s poor lighting, do not use the flash. Try to use other light sources surrounding you, or use the Night mode for better results.

More light is always good

Your phone camera has a smaller than usual image sensor and hence, it benefits the most with more light. Try taking photos in well-lit places, or use street lights / spot lights as the source of light on your subject. You will have lesser grains, more sharpness, and better details. Use the Night mode for getting extra clarity.

Compose with rule of thirds

Whether you shoot Durga effigy or portraits of your loved ones, always follow the rule of thirds. Turn on the grid lines and try to place your subject on one of the two vertical guidelines. Also, do not leave unnecessary head space in portraits and try to fill the frame with your subject. Same applies for selfie cameras.

Use your zoom camera

If your phone has a telephoto camera, do not hesitate to use it for clicking portrait photos. You will get a professional perspective and you can eliminate shadows from your hands. Try to stay within the 5X zoom range for the clearest of photos and keep your hands stable.

Don’t shoot against light

Don't shoot against light

The common issue with most people. Your phone camera does not like light from behind the subject. Hence, do not shoot your subject against brightly lit Durga effigies or pandals unless they are brightly lit. Try to use the spotlights within the pandal to throw light on your subject’s faces, and tap to focus on them. Remember, more light should fall on your subject.

Use objects as props to spice up photos

It doesn’t harm to experiment with surrounding objects. Try to use lights as a blurred out foreground while keeping your subject in the background, or get unique perspectives with other festive objects. Use filters in your phone’s camera to get a unique look. Use the dedicated portrait mode if you fancy. Just don’t stop experimenting.

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