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How to SPOT a Tinder Romance Scammer; ahead of Valentine's day, know online dating safety tips

The shocking tale of the Tinder Swindler who conned women, reminds us that Tinder is dangerous. So, for Valentine's Day, know online dating safety tips and how to spot a Tinder Romance Scammer

Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 00:01 IST
Tinder safety tips will show you how to SPOT a Tinder Romance Scammer when you venture into online dating for Valentine's Day. (Sammy Williams/Unsplash)

After the release of the recent Netflix documentary Tinder Swindler, that tells the story of a romance scammer who used the online dating app to con women into love relationships and then steal money from them, it has become extremely necessary to be aware of online dating safety tips. Tinder has now released its own online dating safety tips that will show you how to spot a Tinder Romance scammer. The risks of online dating may have been put in public's eye by this case, but they have existed for a long time. From catfishing (an act where a person pretends to be someone else), to out-and-out scamming, online dating apps are filled with criminals who wait to trap innocent men and women to steal their money. Now, with Valentine's day approaching, it is important to know the dangers that exist on Tinder app in order to protect yourself from them.

Typically, a Tinder romance scammer is someone who tries to fool the other person using the promise of a romantic relationship. And once the scammer has won the victim’s trust, he or she exploits it to get money out of them. “Sometimes a criminal will adopt a fake persona, but others may even use their real identity to impose the illusion of a romantic or close relationship to manipulate and steal,” Tinder said in a statement. So, ahead of Valentine's day, know how to stay safe while dating online.

How to spot a Tinder romance scammer:

1. Asking for your number/social media: A classic sign of a romance scammer is that they rush to get out of the dating app in order to have a consistent way of communicating with the victim. If the person you’re talking to keeps insisting on sharing numbers or WhatsApp or even Instagram id, you should consider it a red flag.

2. Picture-perfect appearance: If a person goes over-the-top to show affection, shower you with attention and is essentially willing to do anything for you, it should be considered a red flag. Tinder calls this “lovebombing” and it is a tactic romance scammers use to establish a relationship as quickly as they can. be wary of anyone who says your introduction was “fate,” makes grand promises and even proposes marriage very quickly,” Tinder says.

3. Not wanting to meet in-person: Another classic red flag is that the person will want to keep the relationship online and avoid wanting to meet in-person. Romance scammers do this to reduce traceability and so they leave less evidence once they scam you. Oftentimes, the excuses they give to not meet becomes the reason they ask for monetary assistance.

4. Asking for personal or sensitive information: These do not have to be financial information directly. Even something like an Aadhaar card number, house address, driver’s license number or something similar is enough for some romance scammers to steal your identity and commit further crimes using it. Always be wary of people who ask for such information.

5. Emphasizing financial obstacles: As Tinder explains it, “Figuring out who prefers to pay the bill at dinner is one thing, but being pulled into someone’s personal financial woes or needs is another. If this happens, particularly early in conversation, it may be a sign of deeper deception.”

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First Published Date: 10 Feb, 20:12 IST