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Have iPhone? Here are top 5 iOS 15 features you can't afford to shun

With iOS 15, Apple is introducing Notification Summary for iPhone users.

  • Apple has finally released the stable iOS 15 update that is available for you to download on your iPhone right now.

Apple announced iOS 15 at its WWDC 21 a few months back. Since then, the OS has been in beta. However, Apple has finally released the stable iOS 15 update that is available to be downloaded by iPhone users right now. While some features might be missing and coming ‘later this fall,’ Apple has upgraded its iPhone OS and added several new features to iOS 15. Here are some of the best iOS 15 features that you must use now.

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FaceTime comes to Android and Web

FaceTime has been limited to Apple devices since its inception. With iOS 15, Apple is opening the doors to web-based FaceTime. Hence, allowing Android and Windows users to be a part of FaceTime calls they are invited to. You can now go to the FaceTime‌ app and select the "Create Link" option to make a ‌FaceTime‌ "room" that anyone can join from the web on an Android device, PC, or other compatible option. Moreover, you can create a link while you are already in a FaceTime call. You can share the call link as a text message, email, or other means. When the other person clicks on the FaceTime link, they will be directed to enter their name before being allowed into the chat.

New Notifications

With iOS 15, Apple is introducing Notification Summary to iPhones. It allows you to set specific times for your unimportant notifications to be delivered, such as in the morning and the evening. Hence, preventing you from being interrupted all day long. As for the important and time sensitive notifications, they are able to bypass Notification Summary. However, notifications from apps like Instagram, game pop ups and others are saved for a time when you are available to view them. Notification Summary can be turned on and managed by going to the Notifications section of the Settings app.

Live Text

This feature works if there is a text in your clicked photo or video. If there is text, your iPhone or iPad will recognise it. You will then see a little box with three lines of text whenever text is recognized, and you can tap it to see all of the text in the image highlighted. Apple allows you to long press on the highlighted text in an image to select it, copy it, look it up, translate it, or share it. The feature is present system wide. Therefore, you can use it wherever you see an image. It will come in handy for students to copy notes.

Tab Groups

Safari is getting a redesign with iOS 15. It is also getting new features like Tab Groups, which allows you to save all of your open tabs into a folder and open them back up later. It will come in handy if you are planning for a trip and have a few websites open but you need to use your iPhone for work. At such times, you can save the menus of your favourite restaurants or places to visit and open them later. To see Tab Groups, you need to open the new tiled tab view in Safari (icon on the far right corner) and then long press on the Tabs icon to save your open tabs.

Find powered off and erased iPhones

What if you lose your iPhone and the other person erases your data or switches it off? With iOS 15, you will be able to track switched off and erased iPhones. Hence, making it easier to find lost devices and harder for thieves to hide stolen devices. A stolen or erased iPhone is still going to show up in the ‌Find My‌ app and it will be trackable even after it's been wiped, which wasn't the case in earlier versions of iOS.

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