PUBG Mobile: You are not even close to that chicken dinner till you master these tricks

But then there are some who come close and are the real masters who take all the chicken for dinner, most of the times.

| Updated on: Aug 20 2022, 19:43 IST

Let's admit it. Mastering games likes PUBG Mobile is not possible. Nobody can win all the matches all the time at any point of day in any situation. But then there are some who come close and are the real masters who take all the chicken for dinner, most of the times. How do they do it? Does this require months and months of concentration on how to play and remembering area where you get the most valuable loots? Or is it just about developing the right skill in a short span of time? We think it's the latter and these five tricks are exactly what you need to be that person who 'comes close' to mastering PUBG Mobile.

Swift switch between finger movements

That's pretty much self-explanatory but we'd still give it some light. You might have been playing PUBG Mobile since months now but if you can only have better control over the character movement and when he/she fires or runs, your chances of getting the chicken dinner are tough. It can be difficult to gain control over the multiple touch screen buttons but for the sake of agility, one needs to learn how move switch quickly between them. You can even take time to place the buttons on the screen based on how comfortable you are.

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Crouch, stand, aim, shoot

Just don't start blindly shooting at the enemy once you see it. We have often seen this happening in team matches where that one hyper-excited member keeps running around and shooting at whatever that he/she thinks is moving. Don't be that person. Even if you spot the enemy, wait and see if heshe is alone or with a gang, spot others, and then hide in a spot that manages to hide you even after the enemy sees in the map who is shooting from where. By the time he/she realizes, you've already earned yourself a kill.

10 metres from target

Many of us do some warm up in the training ground before we enter a full-fledged 30-minute multiplayer match. While many pass time by bombing cars, houses, sniping far off targets that they won't ever encounter in the real game and more, if you really want to get hold of it, try moving and shooting at a target that is around 10 meters away from you. This is enough to make your aiming better with assault rifles, handguns and machine guns. This is something you will encounter most of the times while in a game. And moving while shooting definitely is a plus point here. Because who stands still and shoots?

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Jump and shoot

To move and shoot is similar to jump and shoot. Same dedication, different set of buttons. Usually when an opponent fires at you, he/she usually sways from left to right and back while shooting continuously, hoping that at least one bullet will hit you. What is not expected is to see you jump and shoot. Not many of us sway from top to bottom and back while continuously shooting. Hence, it becomes difficult for the opponent to get you in front of the nozzle.

Crouch and keep moving

This is also one of the ways that confuses the opponent. You simply crouch and keep moving left and right while shooting at the opponent. This even saves you from headshots. Thank us later.

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First Published Date: 25 Feb, 20:44 IST