Now, an app to tell why you got dumped

A new dating application, which has been launched by a Melbourne woman, has been designed to address the classic dilemma of “why doesn’t he or she call?”

| Updated on: Jan 28 2012, 16:44 IST

A new dating application, which has been launched by a Melbourne woman, has been designed to address the classic dilemma of "why doesn't he or she call?"

"WotWentWrong" was launch on 24th January by Audrey Melnik, who has built online businesses for clients including the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and the Yellow Pages.

"People who thought the first date was awesome or saw no signs anything was wrong with the relationship can end up blaming themselves," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted the WotWentWrong press release as saying.

"It can cause lasting damage to someone's self-esteem and future relationships. Closure can be hard to find on your own," it said.

The WotWentWrong website sends the dumped party's request for insight to the "dumper" via email or text message. Pre-set categories addressing why the dumper mysteriously vanished make answering easier.

The listed reasons include "you text instead of calling", "you are selfish" and "you don't pay for dinner when we go out."

Dumpers happy to ad-lib a little can do so in a separate space in the feedback form.

All dumper feedback is meant to be balanced. So, the form has room for the dumper to describe the victim's attractive traits. A kind dumper might, for instance, say to the dumped "you are positive." "you are insightful." "you have a great body."

The dumper can also give constructive advice about how to be more charming, have better "dating Zen", as the press release puts it, in future.

One enticement revolving around why a dumper would bother explaining is the promise of survey results to questions about how attractive the dumpee found the dumper as a kisser, dresser and conversationalist among other things.

Another enticement is a teasing statement like "I realise I was wrong about something we discussed on our date - do you know what I'm talking about?"

A dumper finds out through co-operating, giving the feedback that the dumpee needs to move on.

The service is pitched as better than a self-help book or advice column because it keys into users' dating history. WotWentWrong brings to mind another, wildly popular dating app - Facebook-based Breakup Notifier - only WotWentWrong is more complicated.

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First Published Date: 28 Jan, 16:21 IST