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Halo AI headband lets you control your dreams! Get lucid dreams on demand

Do you wish to take charge of your dreams? Know all about the Halo AI headband. It will help you get to lucid dreams stage easily.

| Updated on: Feb 02 2024, 16:13 IST
Halo AI headband
With the Halo AI headband, create your own lucid dreams. (Prophetic )
Halo AI headband
With the Halo AI headband, create your own lucid dreams. (Prophetic )

Humanity is tapping into an exciting world of innovation where we are transitioning from a manual to an almost fully automated stage with artificial intelligence technology. While we are exploring the capabilities of AI, there is a company named Prophetic that has rolled out the Halo AI headband that lets people control their dreams. The Halo headband uses ultrasound to unlock the world of lucid dreaming and let the users know that they are dreaming. Know more about this innovative concept.

About Halo headband

According to the Prophetic website, Halo is an advanced neurotech wearable that enables users to tap into their subconscious. The Halo AI headband, with the help of ultrasound, pulse controls, and others creates a natural form of lucid dreaming. If you are wondering what lucid dreams are then know that this is a state of awareness when you know that you are deep asleep, but in some cases there is dream narrative present.

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It said, “The Halo's Morpheus-1 system generates neural activation sequence patterns of natural lucid dreams on demand by utilizing multi-element focused ultrasound, generative 3D spatial pulse controls, fMRI training data, and EEG sensors. Now, the company is looking for volunteers or beta users to examine the device and contribute to lucid dream studies. The test will help the company to create the world's largest EEG dataset on lucid dreams.

The Halo will simply collect “EEG data and stimulate the brain with transcranial ultrasound”. The data will then determine if the person has entered REM sleep mode which is a deep sleep state making it ready for lucid dreams induction via ultrasound. Additionally, the device will also provide insights into user's sleep fitness according to Prophetic. The estimated cost of the Halo headband is $2,000 according to the website. Users who wish to purchase the device can reserve a headset for $100 which is 100 percent refundable. As of now, the company aims to start shipping the device sometime in the year 2025.

Once the product is officially available for use, it will be interesting to see how the AI headband will let users actually control their dreams.

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First Published Date: 02 Feb, 15:20 IST