USB-C now mandatory on all mobile devices from 2024; Even on iPhones!

    The EU has passed the law to mandate USB-C ports as the standard one on all mobile devices from 2024.
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    | Updated on: Oct 05 2022, 09:47 IST
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    USB-C charging ports are now mandated on all mobile devices in the EU countries from 2024 (Amritanshu / HT Tech)

    The European Union has just passed a law that is going to annoy Apple a lot —USB-C is now mandated on all mobile devices. Starting 2024, all mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and cameras, will need to have the USB-C port as the standard port for charging and data transfer. Laptops also fall in the category but manufacturers have time until 2026 to figure out the complexities. But the big news is that USB-C is going to be the norm for all mobile devices in the EU region.

    As part of the deal, manufacturers of products like e-readers, earbuds, and other accessories may also face an impact. The biggest blow will, however, come to Apple; the biggest brand in the smartphone business to stick to its proprietary Lightning port. Apple's iPhones and AirPods still stick to Lightning port instead of the USB-C port, which Apple uses on its iPad range as well as its MacBooks.

    USB-C now mandated in the EU

    The decision was taken in order to reduce the cost to customers, and avoid a huge pile of e-waste generated in the process. With USB-C as standard, people won't have to buy new chargers with their new smartphones, thus helping with the intention of recycling. Additionally, USB-C opens up roads to faster charging support across the board for almost all kinds of devices.

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    The decision to mandate USB-C won't affect the likes of big Android based brands like Google, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and the likes, considering they adopted USB-C as a standard port since years.

    On the contrary, it is Apple who has to make the switch across its popular and high-selling products. The iPhone has stuck to Lightning since 2012 and so has the AirPods since 2016. Even in 2022, Apple uses Lightning port on its iPhone 14 series as well as the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen. Apple has long argued that making a move to USB-C will create a pile of e-waste for existing customers, who already have Lightning based accessories.

    However, rumours of the next-gen iPhone 15 with USB-C ports are floating around and we won't be surprised to see Apple making the move as early as next year, considering it would want to sell the iPhone 15 in the EU even in 2024. What remains to be seen is whether Apple redesigns its old iPhone 14 (by then) and iPhone 13 with USB-C to sell as low cost options.


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