Asteroid 2024 CL3 to pass Earth at a breakneck 15011 kmph, says NASA; Know how big it is | Tech News

Asteroid 2024 CL3 to pass Earth at a breakneck 15011 kmph, says NASA; Know how big it is

NASA has tracked Asteroid 2024 CL3 in its orbit and it is expected to pass Earth by a close margin today, February 23. Know details such as its speed, size, distance of approach, and more.

| Updated on: Feb 26 2024, 12:01 IST
NASA reports indicate 5 asteroids set to pass Earth soon: Check size, speed, more
1/5 Asteroid 2024 CL5: According to NASA’s report, asteroid designated as 2024 CL5 is going to make a close approach to Earth today, February 21, 2024. Asteroid 2024 CL5 is said to be 72 feet wide and it is moving at a pace of 50278 kilometers per hour.  The space rock will get as close as 1830000 kilometres to Earth, however, it does not pose any threat to our planet. (Pixabay)
2/5 Asteroid 2024 DW: The next asteroid on NASA’s list is the 2024 DW which is 43 feet wide. The asteroid 2024 DW is projected to make a close approach to Earth tomorrow, February 22, 2024. The space rock is moving at a speed of 64494 kilometres per hour and it will get as close as 224000 kilometres to the Earth. (Pixabay )
3/5 Asteroid 2024 DX: The third space rock listed by NASA is asteroid 2024 DX which is said to be 40 feet wide. The asteroid is expected to make a close approach on February 22, 2024. The asteroid 2024 DX is moving at a speed of 37492 kilometres per hour. According to the data, the asteroid will get as close as 776000 kilometres to our planet. (Pixabay)
4/5 Asteroid 2024 CE8: The next asteroid on the close approach list is the 2024 CE8. The asteroid  2024 CE8 is reported to be 87 feet wide which is similar to the size of a airplane. The asteroid will get as close as 4050000 kilometres to Earth on February 22, 2024. According to the CNEOS report the asteroid 2024 CE8 is moving at a relative speed of 67732 kilometres per hour (Pixabay)
5/5 Asteroid 2024 CL3: The last asteroid on the list is the 2024 CL3 which is 62 feet. The asteroid is said to make a close approach to Earth on February 23, 2024. According to the CNEOS report, the asteroid 2024 CL3 is moving at a speed of 15011 kilometres per hour and it will get as close as 3557770 kilometres to Earth. (Pixabay)
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Asteroid 2024 CL3 belongs to the Aten group of Near-Earth Asteroids, as per NASA. (Pixabay)

NASA says that the orbits of asteroids can be changed by Jupiter's massive gravity and by occasional close encounters with planets like Mars or other objects. These accidental encounters can knock asteroids out of the main belt and hurl them into space in all directions across the orbits of the other planets. One such occurrence is set to take place today, February 23, as one asteroid is expected to pass by Earth. Know the details of this close encounter.

Asteroid 2024 CL3: Details

An asteroid, given the designation of Asteroid 2024 CL3, is on its way towards Earth and could pass Earth at a very close distance today, February 23. It is one of the two asteroids that are expected to pass by the planet, with the other one being Asteroid 2024 BY15. It is important to note that while both of these asteroids will come very close to Earth, none of them are expected to impact the surface.

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NASA revealed these details after tracking the asteroid's orbit using its various satellites and space and ground-based telescopes such as NEOWISE, Catalina Sky Survey, Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), Pans-STARRS1, and more. As per the details, Asteroid 2024 CL3 is expected to pass Earth by a distance of 3.5 million kilometers. In terms of size, Asteroid 2024 CL3 is nearly 61 feet wide, making it almost as big as a house.

According to NASA, it belongs to the Aten group of asteroids, which are Earth-crossing Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) with semi-major axes smaller than Earth's. They are named after the asteroid 2062 Aten and the first of its kind was discovered by American astronomer Eleanor Helin at Palomar Observatory on January 7, 1976.

It is already moving in its orbit at a breakneck speed of about 15011 kilometers per hour, the US Space Agency has revealed.

Previous approaches

Asteroid 2024 CL3 has passed Earth before. It first flew past the planet on November 28, 1900, at a distance of almost 66 million kilometers. NASA says that after today, this asteroid will come close again on November 23, 2031, and it will pass the planet by a distance of 53 million kilometers.

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