Batman, with love

From the makers of Arkham Asylum, a PC version of the superhero game that’s going to wow you completely, reports Avinash Bali.

| Updated on: Oct 13 2009, 20:50 IST

Batman Arkham Asylum was a phenomenal game, and I'm pretty sure all the PS3 gamers who could get their hands on this baby thoroughly enjoyed what can definitely be called one of Batman's worst nights EVER. Rocksteady Games gets full marks for thinking of everything, from the incredibly addictive narrative to the top-notch voiceovers and brilliant gameplay. So why am I bringing this up again? Because Rocksteady Games has shown us yet again just how much they love us, by coming out with a PC version of the game, all wrapped in a pretty package with bows, ribbons and shiny, crinkly wrapping paper. Feeling festive already, aren't we?

The PC version of the game has been enhanced by NVIDIA's PhysX technology — which includes a few visual touches to make the game more atmospheric. The static bits of paper that once littered the floors of Arkham Asylum now come to life and fly about you during skirmishes. Floor titles can be broken to add that extra punch to ground takedowns. There are also better smoke effects and improved cloth and cobweb (yes, cobweb) physics.

If this is the first time you'll be playing the game, then you're in for a treat with this great-looking game.

Practical matters
What I don't understand is why I was asked to download a 300 MB update to enable PhysX when the game was delayed by over a month just to implement that very same technology. They should have used that month wisely and sorted out this issue too. As always Games for Windows Live feels the need to act up ever so often — some people I know couldn't run the game at all.
The default mouse and keyboard control scheme isn't conducive for a game like this but thanks to GFWL support you can plug in your wired 360 controller and start playing.

Both console and PC versions of the game don't offer multiplayer options but you can play the game to unlock Challenge rooms where you can test your stealth skills or take on wave after wave of enemies in a stipulated period of time.
The only fault in gameplay

A lot of the mini-boss fights play out in a similar fashion, and once you've completed the game you sadly can't replay it with the unlocked abilities and costumes.
However, Arkham Asylum is near perfect when it comes to visuals, gameplay, atmosphere or Batman geekage. If you have a powerful PC, go ahead and get the PC version.

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First Published Date: 13 Oct, 20:49 IST
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