Beware! Apple CEO Tim Cook fake Instagram account exposed. Check 5 tips to identify real ones

A fake Tim Cook Instagram account has just been exposed. Know how to spot impostors with these five red flags on Instagram. so that you do not fall victim to fraudsters

| Updated on: Aug 28 2023, 17:49 IST
Tim Cook
Are you following the real Apple CEO Tim Cook Instagram account or a fake one? Know how to spot bogus accounts and stay safe. (REUTERS)
Tim Cook
Are you following the real Apple CEO Tim Cook Instagram account or a fake one? Know how to spot bogus accounts and stay safe. (REUTERS)

Tim Cook, the renowned CEO of Apple, has long been a prominent figure in the tech world. However, his online presence has been notably modest, with a Twitter profile, now known as X, being his sole virtual foothold since 2013. Consequently, the recent revelation of an Instagram account purportedly belonging to Cook has left the digital realm buzzing with curiosity. Scores of followers, including high-ranking Apple executives like Lisa Jackson and Alan Dye, flocked to the account, believing they were connecting with the tech mogul himself.

Here's the intriguing twist

Tim Cook is not on Instagram. The account in question, @tim.d.cook, which was created just this July, appears to be an impostor. This counterfeit profile has shared only two posts so far. One of them was related to World Photography Day, featuring two phones photographed using an iPhone. The second post was a 30-second advertisement for a campaign involving 3DPets, an initiative officially announced by Apple just last week.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Tim Cook has never set up an Instagram account. The question then arises: why are some of Apple's senior executives following this fraudulent account? Notably, Apple is actively working to have the fake Tim Cook account removed from Instagram. However, the mystery remains as to why some of the company's highest-ranking individuals have engaged with this account, unless they possess information that has eluded the rest of us.

So, how can you discern genuine Instagram accounts from fake ones? Here are 5 signs to watch out for when trying to identify a fake Instagram account.

How to Tell If an Instagram Account Is Fake

1. Tricky Bios: Fake Instagram accounts often copy parts of a real person's bio but make some changes or mistakes. Look out for extra letters, numbers, or symbols in the bio.

2. Suspicious Messages: Fake Instagram accounts might send you messages pretending to be a famous brand. They could send you a generic message and ask you to visit a website or contact someone else with your info.

3. Money Offers: These fake accounts might promise you quick cash or free products. They want your personal info, and they might even try to hack your gadget.

4. Sketchy Posts: Fake accounts might post things that don't seem right. If it looks too good to be true, it might be fake.

5. Few Followers or Posts: Real famous people usually have lots of followers and posts. If you see an account with very few of these, it might not be real.

So, remember to be cautious on Instagram and watch out for these red flags to avoid following fake accounts!

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First Published Date: 28 Aug, 17:06 IST
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