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Bipartisan bill in US Congress seeks to compel disclosure of U.F.O. records

New law aims to share government's classified information about U.F.O.s and aliens, addressing conspiracy theories and demands for transparency.

| Updated on: Jul 14 2023, 09:34 IST
Spectacular ultraviolet views of Mars revealed by NASA's MAVEN spacecraft
1/4 Stunning Views of Mars: An ultraviolet image of Mars captured by NASA's MAVEN spacecraft during the southern hemisphere's summer season in July 2022. Argyre Basin, Valles Marineris, and the southern polar ice cap are visible, revealing atmospheric haze, clouds, and shrinking ice. (NASA)
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2/4 An ultraviolet image of Mars taken in January 2023, showcasing the northern hemisphere after Mars had reached the farthest point in its orbit. The image displays white clouds, Valles Marineris, and numerous craters, while ozone buildup (depicted as magenta) during the northern winter can be observed. (NASA)
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3/4 MAVEN's unique vision: Image: NASA's MAVEN spacecraft, launched in November 2013, entered Mars' orbit in September 2014. The mission aims to explore the planet's upper atmosphere, ionosphere, and interactions with the Sun and solar wind, shedding light on atmospheric loss and Mars' climate history. (NASA)
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4/4 Revealing Martian seasons: An explanation of how the changing seasons on Mars influence the planet's appearance in ultraviolet images. The tilt of Mars' rotational axis, similar to Earth's seasons, affects atmospheric phenomena and surface features, such as clouds, haze, and ice caps. (NASA)
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Congress Senator Chuck Schumer aims to make the US government documents about U.F.O.s and aliens available to the public. (Pixabay)

A new rule proposed by Senator Chuck Schumer from New York aims to make the US government documents about U.F.O.s and aliens available to the public. The senator wants to create a commission that will have the power to reveal classified information on unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial matters. This move is intended to counter conspiracy theories and concerns that the government is hiding important information, according to The New York Times report.

The proposal has support from both Democrats and Republicans, including Senator Mike Rounds from South Dakota and Senator Marco Rubio from Florida. Senator Rubio has previously championed similar legislation that forced the government to release reports on unidentified phenomena. It is likely that the House of Representatives will also support the measure, as they included a similar provision in their defence bill.

According to the proposed rule, government agencies will have 300 days to organise their records on unidentified phenomena and provide them to a review board. President Biden will appoint a nine-person review board, subject to Senate approval, it has been revealed. The board's purpose would be to push for disclosure while safeguarding sensitive intelligence collection methods.

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Growing interest and unexplained events surrounding U.F.O.s

Public interest in U.F.O.s has increased, especially after the release of videos showing unidentified phenomena recorded by military sensors. Naval aviators have also reported strange events during their training missions. While some of the videos have been explained as optical illusions or drones, others remain unexplained and have sparked speculation.

Government response to growing public interest in U.F.O.s

The Pentagon and intelligence agencies have collected hundreds of reports on unexplained phenomena under pressure from Congress. However, officials have mostly attributed these incidents to airborne trash, Chinese spying efforts, or weather balloons. They have repeatedly stated that none of the collected material provides evidence of alien visitation.

Despite the past releases, recent work by the Pentagon and other agencies has not been made public. This lack of transparency has frustrated lawmakers from both political parties. Senator Schumer's staff members believe that a new commission will help overcome this reticence and ensure the disclosure of relevant records.

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First Published Date: 14 Jul, 09:04 IST