Elon Musk incentivises ‘accuracy over sensationalism' on X, changes creator monetization system

Elon Musk has just rolled out a massive change in the way X works.

| Updated on: Oct 30 2023, 00:10 IST
Elon Musk says blocking feature on X ‘makes no sense’ to him
Elon Musk
1/7 Elon Musk, the CEO of X (formerly known as Twitter), has tweeted that he wants to eliminate the platform's 'block' feature. Musk made this decision in response to a query from a user, where he sought user opinions on the preference between muting and blocking. (Bloomberg)
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2/7 In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Musk clarified that the blocking feature will be discontinued, except for direct messages, while muting will remain an available option. (Bloomberg)
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3/7 On Friday, Musk shared a message, stating, "The 'block' feature is being completely removed, except for its use in direct messages. It simply doesn't make sense," commented the billionaire. (REUTERS)
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4/7 Muting vs. blocking: According to a report by Bloomberg, muting an account will still allow users to avoid seeing posts from that account. However, muted accounts will retain the ability to respond to the user's posts, share them with their own followers, add commentary, and send direct messages. (AFP)
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5/7 User concerns: Blocking, which has long served as a fundamental security measure on X, has raised concerns among users about potential increases in online harassment following its removal. (Pexels)
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6/7 One user reacted to Musk's tweet and replied, "Don’t go there. No one is entitled to other people’s posts. People should be able to block whoever they want". (Pexels)
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7/7 A series of transformations: Some of the significant alterations implemented under Musk's leadership include substantial workforce reductions, replacing the traditional verification program with the $8 per month Twitter Blue subscription, rebranding the company from Twitter to X, and introducing new features such as live streaming. (AP)
Elon Musk
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X users were made aware of today's changes without much fanfare, (REUTERS)

In yet another roll out of a massive change on X platform that can have far-reaching consequences for users and, as usual, without warning, X owner Elon Musk says he is, "Making a slight change to creator monetization." By now that is familiar territory for Musk who has made it a habit of springing surprises on X users that they are not really expecting or have not been informed about beforehand.

X users were made aware of today's changes without much fanfare, by Musk through yet another simple tweet that said, "Any posts that are corrected by @CommunityNotes become ineligible for revenue share."

Elon Muk changes creator monetization policy

He goes on to explain the reason in quite a succinct manner, "The idea is to maximize the incentive for accuracy over sensationalism." Musk has been touting the fact that X has been quite actively engaged with creators to roll out content on the platform and get paid for their troubles.

The X post by Musk got a couple of responses with one user saying, "And those who make incorrect community notes should be banned from the community notes system to limit the weaponization of it."

Yet another one added, "And that is how you censor. What happens when insiders of community notes form a fringe group to target opposing opinions after this announcement?"

Whether that strategy is working or not is as yet unclear as the platform is shedding users after having rolled out so many changes that many of them have been disappointed with, who then voted with their feet by joining rival platforms like BlueSky, Threads, Mastodon or even Truth Social, which have remained steadfast in their avowed agendas.

The intent, as per Musk, is to turn X into some kind of an “everything app” that will even have financial features. In effect, subscribers will not even require bank accounts, Musk has averred.

Musk has often said that there are many features that PayPal has not used that he had ideated, before the company was acquired by eBay, and that he would be looking at getting them, or some form of them, onto X.

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First Published Date: 29 Oct, 23:45 IST