Getting WhatsApp Voice Messages error? Here are 5 tips to fix it

    If your WhatsApp Voice Messages feature is showing an error, this is what you should do.
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    | Updated on Jan 29 2022, 01:24 PM IST
    WhatsApp voice messages feature recently got a new pause button.
    WhatsApp voice messages feature recently got a new pause button. (Pixabay)
    WhatsApp voice messages feature recently got a new pause button.
    WhatsApp voice messages feature recently got a new pause button. (Pixabay)

    WhatsApp provides a huge number of exciting features to make chats with friends and family a challenge-free and smooth experience. Texting, voice calling, audio calling, stickers, GIFs, and Voice messaging are what make it convenient for you to connect with everyone. Recently, Meta-owned WhatsApp voice messages feature was updated. A new Pause button was added to WhatsApp Voice messages. For long messaging and communicating quickly, voice messaging really helps. However some users are face issues with voice messaging now. Sometimes it doesn’t produce sound or maybe sometimes it just doesn’t allow you to record. Both fault and solution lie within your smartphone only. Here, we have listed a few options that can help you solve your WhatsApp Voice Messages error.

    How to resolve WhatsApp Voice Messages error

    Step 1:

    Force stop your WhatsApp

    There are times when some WhatsApp feature or the other doesn't work. The first step to resolve such issues is to force stop the app on Android. To do so, hold the WhatsApp application icon and go to the info page. Here you will find the option to force stop the app. For iPhone users, you can simply close WhatsApp like any other app and re-open it.

    Step 2:

    Turn on WhatsApp permissions

    You should check if your WhatsApp has the necessary permissions to record and send voice messages or not. It's possible that WhatsApp's voice messaging feature isn't working because the app doesn't have access to your phone's storage or microphone. Turn both the permissions on for WhatsApp. 

    Step 3:

    Check if your phone ran out of storage

    Is your phone running low on storage? Check it out. Because the voice messages that you receive on WhatsApp are automatically saved to your device. There should be enough space to accommodate new voice recordings. It's time to delete unnecessary media items from your smartphone that have been taking space for long time.

    Step 4:

    Check other opened apps

    There is a possibility that another app is using the microphone on your device. Close any apps that might be using your phone's microphone and attempt again to record the voice message. Voice recording apps, video conferencing apps, screen recording apps, and other similar apps should be closed if you are not working with them.

    Step 5:

    Update your WhatsApp

    Make sure that you have the most recent version of WhatsApp installed on your phone. The voice messaging error may be due to the older version of your WhatsApp. Update it right now. Open the app store on your phone and install available WhatsApp updates, if any. Still, if it doesn't work. The best will be to uninstall your WhatsApp and reinstall it. But remember to back up your chats and data before uninstalling it. 

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    First Published Date: 29 Jan, 01:24 PM IST
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