Exciting news for Windows 11 users, Microsoft Paint may get AI powers

Windows 11 users might soon enjoy AI-powered enhancements in Microsoft Paint, offering magical image creation from text prompts and more.

| Updated on: Aug 23 2023, 14:08 IST
Windows 11
Windows 11 may soon bring AI-powered creativity to Microsoft Paint, letting you turn words into art. (AFP)
Windows 11
Windows 11 may soon bring AI-powered creativity to Microsoft Paint, letting you turn words into art. (AFP)

Microsoft Paint, a beloved application among Windows users, may soon undergo a significant transformation through the infusion of AI technology. A report from Windows Central indicates that Microsoft is actively exploring ways to enhance the features of this iconic app in Windows 11, potentially introducing the capability to generate digital canvases based on text prompts.

The Power of AI Integration

Insider sources have revealed that the proposed AI enhancements for Microsoft Paint draw inspiration from Bing's Image Creator, a tool renowned for crafting images based on textual descriptions. Windows Central has even shared an internal mock-up that provides a glimpse into this integration's possible appearance.

"Magic Paint" and Textual Imagination

This concept introduces a promising "Magic Paint" button alongside a user-friendly sidebar, where users can input textual descriptions to generate corresponding images. While this mock-up suggests the ability to transfer these AI-generated images onto the canvas for further customization, the exact mechanics remain under wraps and require further clarification.

The AI wave is not confined to Microsoft Paint alone. Windows Central's report suggests that Microsoft has its sights set on incorporating AI capabilities into other native Windows applications, such as Photos, the Camera app, and the Snipping Tool.

In the realm of Photos, users could potentially benefit from a novel feature that empowers them to identify and extract specific individuals or objects from a photo, subsequently enabling the easy manipulation of these elements within other contexts.

OCR Technology for Snipping Tool and Camera App

Furthermore, the Snipping Tool and the Camera app might witness the integration of optical character recognition (OCR) technology. If implemented, this technology would empower both applications to discern and extract text from images and screenshots, offering a streamlined way to copy and paste information from these visual assets.

The ultimate fate of these proposed AI features remains uncertain, as Microsoft has yet to confirm their official release. Nevertheless, considering the tech giant's track record of introducing an array of AI tools, such developments would not come as a surprise. Microsoft users can eagerly anticipate the potential transformation of these familiar applications into more intelligent and versatile tools on Windows 11.

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First Published Date: 23 Aug, 14:07 IST
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