Google reveals system requirements to run Stadia in 4K on the web

Apple’s Mac users are unlikely to experience the in 4K as the company doesn’t support VP9 codec video format.

Google details 4K gaming requirements for Google Stadia on the web
Google details 4K gaming requirements for Google Stadia on the web (REUTERS)

Google recently added 4K resolution support for its cloud-based gaming platform Stadia on the web. The company has now elaborated on what are the key requirements to run Google Stadia in 4K on your browser. As expected, Google is favouring Chromebook and Windows PCs capable of running VP9 video format.

"4K gameplay is supported on Windows computers and Chromebooks with VP9 hardware decoding, a 4K display, and data usage options set to Best visual quality," said Google on its support page.

Another method to self-check Stadia 4K support on your browser is entering "chrome://gpu." After entering this, click on "Video Acceleration Information." If the section has "VP9", your system should be capable of running Stadia on the web in 4K resolution.

The most noticeable name missing from Google's 4K support for Stadia on web is Apple's Mac, points out Engadget. According to the website, Apple's Macs are skipped because of the lack of support to VP9 video format due to patent issues. Apple supports standards such as AVI.

This, however, hasn't stopped enthusiasts from finding workarounds to get Stadia in 4K on Safari. There's an unofficial Stadia+ extension for Chrome which brings 4K on Macs.

Next up for Google Stadia on the web are HDR and 5.1 surround sound.

"You can view the achievements you've earned in Stadia games in Google Chrome and on TV with Chromecast Ultra. In Google Chrome, you can also track how many achievements you've earned for each game, and view the achievements of other players who have made them visible to you," added Google.