Man buys game character for $1.4 million, friend sells it for only $552

Man in China who purchased a MMORPG Justice Online character for $1.4 million later found that it was sold for only $552 by his friend.

NetEase is the publisher for MMORPG Justice Online.
NetEase is the publisher for MMORPG Justice Online. (NetEase)

In possibly the most bizarre and tragic thing to happen to gamers, a MMORPG Justice Online character which was bought for $1.4 million was sold off for just $552. And this happened between two friends who had loaned the Justice character only to find it sold for a dirt cheap price.

According to a report by South China Morning Post, this case involved a man in China who had loaned a Justice Online character which he had first purchased for $1.4 million. The friend here mistakenly sold the same character for CNY 3,888 ($552) which he claimed was actually a typo due to exhaustion from continuous gaming.

What had now become a court case saw the defendant explaining that he wanted to sell the character back to his friend for CNY 388,000 ($55,138). Once the Justice Online character was on sale on NetEase's online marketplace, it was quickly purchased by another gamer. NetEase is the publisher of Justice Online in China. This case was eventually taken to court where the plaintiff accused both NetEase and his friend.

The settlement resulted in NetEase revoking the transaction which led to the Justice Online character going back to the original buyer. But the plaintiff also had to compensate the buyer with CNY 90,000 ($12,789) in damages. This online case was also shared on social media by the local court in Sichuan emphasising the importance of protecting digital assets. The court also warned gamers to not spend lavishly on video games.