What is Tiranga point on the Moon?

Named in honor of India's tricolor flag, the Tiranga Point on the Moon was officially designated by PM Modi. Caption: Tiranga point represents the point where Chandrayaan-2 crashed, which was the second attempt by India to reach the Moon.

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Chandrayaan-3 Moon mission: 5 facts to know
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1/7 The Chandrayaan-3 mission was launched on July 14 from Sri Harikota, India's main spaceport in  Andhra Pradesh. From the day of its launch, Chandrayaan-3  has looped through progressively wider-ranging orbits of Earth. It then transferred to a lunar orbit and emerged as a focus of national pride. Our Moon mission become a global interest after Russia's Moon mission Luna-25  failed to land on the moon. (PTI)
Tiranga point on the Moon
2/7 The landing of  Chandrayaan-3 is aimed at the lunar south pole. Lunar south pole is a region that may have water ice or frozen water. It can be an abundant source of oxygen, fuel, and water that can be extremely important for future moon missions. (AFP)
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3/7 Chandrayaan-3 will be functional for two weeks if it lands successfully on the lunar surface. It will run various experiments which will include a spectrometer analysis of the mineral composition of the surface of the moon. (via REUTERS)
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4/7 The lander of the Chandrayaan-3 mission is about 2m tall. Its mass is said to be about  1,700 kg (3,747.86 lb) which can deploy a small 26 Kg lunar rover. (HT_PRINT)
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5/7 For the smooth landing of the  Chandrayaan-3 on the south pole of the Moon, rough terrain can be a great hurdle. However, adjustments have been made by ISRO scientists that will help Chandrayaan-3 to stick its landing. (ISRO)
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6/7 The adjustments include a system to broaden the potential landing zone and the lander has been equipped with more fuel and sturdier legs to be more effective. (REUTERS)
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7/7 If this mission becomes successful, it would make India the fourth country to successfully land on the moon, after the former USSR, the United States, and China, and India will be able to mark its emergence as a strong space power. ISRO will telecast the planned Chandrayaan-3  landing starting from 1720 IST (1150 GMT) on August 23, 2023. (ISRO twitter)
Tiranga point on the Moon
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Tiranga point represents the point where Chandrayaan-2 crashed, which was the second attempt by India to reach the Moon. (PTI)

Now, on the Moon, there are two new spots with Indian names. One of them is the Tiranga Point and the other is the Shiv Shakti Point. The naming was done after Chandrayaan-3 landed on the South Pole of the lunar surface, a matter of great pride for all Indians. It is also yet another step ahead in the field of space exploration.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi designated the spot where Chandrayaan-3 landed as Shiv Shakti Point and the point where Chandrayaan-2 crash-landed as the Tiranga Point on August 26.

What is Tiranga Point?

Named in honor of India's tricolor flag, the Tiranga Point was officially designated by PM Modi, at the ISTRAC headquarters in Bengaluru. The term "Tiranga" is derived from the Hindi words, "Teen" and "Ranga," symbolizing the vibrant hues of India's national flag. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that this spot on the lunar surface would serve as a source of inspiration, reminding the nation that failure is not final and that each endeavor contributes to progress.


Tiranga point represents the point where Chandrayaan-2 crashed, which was the second attempt by India to reach the Moon. Chandrayaan-2 mission marked a significant leap in India's space exploration journey. It was launched on July 22, 2019, from Sriharikota on the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III. It comprised of an orbiter, Vikram Lander , and Pragyan Rover. The orbiter continues to circle the Moon in a polar orbit, offering insights into lunar geology and composition. It has a planned seven-and-a-half-year mission lifespan.

However, the lander, which was expected to land on the lunar surface, on September 7, 2019, lost contact with the ground station just before the landing.

As the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister stated, “ By naming the point where Chandrayaan-2 left its imprints as 'Tiranga Point', the prime minister has given a message to the country's people to "never be defeated by failure." Chandrayan-2 has played a major role in the success of the Chandrayaan-3. It paved the path for the Chandrayaan-3 mission and helped our scientists to learn from past mistakes. That is how ISRO scientists built a failure-based design of Chandrayaan-3 and they were very confident about its success.

Tiranga Point will remind the world that failure is merely a stepping stone on the path to success and India will continue to cross each hurdle with more successful space missions.

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