Zoom announces new security, privacy features to prevent Zoombombing

Zoom will start rolling out new privacy and security features from April 5 to help prevent Zoombombing.

Zoombombing will hopefully be prevented with new security features rolling out on the app.
Zoombombing will hopefully be prevented with new security features rolling out on the app. (Zoom)

Zoom's popularity skyrocketed in a matter of weeks but so did its privacy and security issues. The video conferencing app's skeleton of privacy loopholes were all out in the open with its CEO even apologising for it. Zoom has now announced new features which are aimed at keeping the app private and secure.

Zoom's new features come into effect starting April 4, and it will be available for all basic and Pro users. The video conferencing app is enabling the 'Waiting Room' feature which lets the host control participation in meetings. It essentially gives the host or admin the option to either accept participants individually or all at once.

"We highly recommend using this feature to secure your meetings and prevent unwanted participants if a link is shared outside of the intended participants," Zoom said in a blog post.

Zoom's most notorious security loophole led to what is known as 'Zoombombing'. This made it super easy for just anyone to hack into video meetings and display inappropriate content.

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Zoom is also rolling out two password settings where one requires a password for Personal Meeting ID (PMI), and the other requires a password for meetings which have already been scheduled. This means that users who manually join a meeting by entering the meeting ID will have to enter the password as well.

For meetings which are scheduled, the password will be available in the invitation. As for instant meetings, users can find the password either in the Zoom Client or the Zoom Rooms Controller. It's also available in the meeting join URL.