Samsung’s biggest micro LED TV is available for purchase but the price is a mystery

Samsung’s 2nd-gen The Wall is available for customers and here are all the details. 

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 19:02 IST
This is the second-get Samsung's The Wall
This is the second-get Samsung's The Wall (Samsung )
This is the second-get Samsung's The Wall
This is the second-get Samsung's The Wall (Samsung )

Samsung has released the second iteration of its MicroLED TV The Wall and it's brighter and more colourful than the one they released last year. This version of The Wall is also available for purchase but you have to get in touch with Samsung to find out how much it costs. As TechRadar points out, what separates The Wall from its competition is the fact that this MicroLED display is 1,000 inches in size and with a 120Hz refresh rate and 16K resolution and up (15,360 x 2,160-pixels).

In the second-gen The Wall the LEDs are 40% smaller than last year's and as Samsung says, they offer higher contrast and better colour uniformity. Running the show is a new processor that helps upscale images to this large resolution and the display is smaller in width wich allows it to fit closer to the wall. The Wall, as Samsung intends, is meant to be used as a screen for retail spaces and office buildings or perhaps grace some high-end home theatre set-up. But then Samsung has not shared the price tag so you will not know how much you will have to splurge unless you get in touch with the company.

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The Wall is going to be available globally, we checked it out the first-gen version last year, and this year too you will have to ask Samsung about the prices. Since The Wall is essentially customisable, it makes sense. However, here are some rough ideas.

The first-gen version was priced at $156000 ( 11,610,612 approx) for the 110-inch version. So, this year's version should be more than that. However, there is no knowing what the prices are going to be for the businesses and if it is going to be the same as what it is for the public.

That aside though, here's a 110-inch MicroLED TV you can consider and if you are looking to go all out for your business or your home, there is nothing better than this. It's not meant for small spaces so, go figure. 

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First Published Date: 23 Jul, 11:15 IST