Arthur Morgan returns as a history teacher in audiobook, delighting fans amid GTA 6 anticipation | Gaming News

Arthur Morgan returns as a history teacher in audiobook, delighting fans amid GTA 6 anticipation

Red Dead Redemption's Arthur Morgan returns as a history teacher in an upcoming audiobook. While GTA 6 looms, fans celebrate this unexpected twist in gaming lore.

| Updated on: Mar 10 2024, 14:19 IST
GTA 6 trailer date announced! Know 5 groundbreaking features it could get
1/5 Two protagonists - Grand Theft Auto games have always had one playable character but that could change with GTA 6. Leaks claim it could have two protagonists in a Bonnie and Clyde type of setting – one male and one female named Jason and Lucia who were seen holding up a diner together. If true, GTA 6 would also become the first GTA game to have a female protagonist. (Rockstar Games)
2/5 Hacking - GTA 6 might also borrow a couple of hacking-related features from Watch Dogs. A leak by Tom Henderson revealed that the female protagonist Lucia might carry hacking devices such as Tracker Jammer, Immobilizer Bypass, USB Drive, and Auto Dialer which might help hack vehicles. (Rockstar Games)
3/5 Enterable buildings - GTA 6’s Vice City could feature a vast number of buildings that players could not only enter but also interact with. According to leaks, the GTA 6 would get supermarkets, bars, clubs, pawn shops, restaurants, as well as apartments that players can enter. (Rockstar Games)
4/5 Police recognition system - Like Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 6 might also feature a witness and police recognition system. In the Hank’s Waffles robbery video, the text below the wanted level reads ‘Full description’ meaning that the police have a full description of the character. Once the character enters a police vehicle, the status changes from no vehicle description to full vehicle description. (Rockstar Games)
5/5 Money laundering - Earning money through white-collar crime could be possible in GTA 6. It could reportedly 6 have purchasable properties and businesses that could be used for money laundering. A washing machine symbol with a ‘$’ sign was noticed at the car wash property in Hank’s Waffles video. Therefore, players might be able to buy properties with the sole purpose of money laundering in the game. (Rockstar Games)
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Red Dead Redemption's Arthur Morgan returns as a history teacher in a new audiobook, bridging anticipation for GTA 6. (@RockstarGames)

Rockstar Games has once again surprised its fan base, and this time, it's not within the virtual confines of the Wild West. While the anticipation for GTA 6 and the rumoured Red Dead Redemption 3 continues, fans were caught off guard by the unexpected return of Red Dead Redemption 2's protagonist, Arthur Morgan.

Originally introduced to us in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 delved into the early days of the notorious Dutch van der Linde gang, placing Arthur Morgan at the centre of a gripping tale set against the backdrop of the Wild West. Now, in a surprising twist, Arthur Morgan is making a comeback, not through another instalment but as an American history teacher, Gamingbible reported.

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Rockstar Games has announced an upcoming audiobook titled ‘Red Dead's History: A Video Game, An Obsession, and America's Violet Past', where Arthur's voice will be brought to life by the talented Roger Clark. The news has set the gaming community abuzz, with fans expressing their excitement on a Reddit thread where the revelation first surfaced.

User pynick, captivated by the idea, shared, "I just read this post and thought 'oh that's a cool idea' and hit the link to buy the audiobook. Now I'm back here on Reddit and reading through the whole post this time and learning about who is reading the book. How awesome is that?! I'm very hyped and wish you a lot of success with this project."

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Speculations and Anticipation: What Will Arthur Morgan Reveal?

The Reddit thread is filled with eager fans speculating on what Arthur Morgan might reveal in his new role. "Arthur can finally explain what the hell happened to that missing princess if he ever found out," speculated xysage. PuddinPacketzofLuv added, "And Gavin's whereabouts." Swapacoinforafish chimed in, "Wow, that is amazing, I'm going to add this book to my list!" The enthusiasm among Red Dead Redemption enthusiasts is palpable.

Penned by Tore C. Olsson, the audiobook is set to be released on August 6, 2024, and promises approximately eight and a half hours of Arthur Morgan's narration. For those who prefer a tangible experience, the audiobook will also be available in hardcover. As fans eagerly await the return of Arthur Morgan in this unexpected educational venture, it seems Rockstar Games has once again succeeded in surprising and delighting its dedicated community.

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First Published Date: 10 Mar, 14:18 IST