Garena Free Fire characters analysis: What makes Nairi special and can he get you a Booyah?

Garena Free Fire added Nairi as the latest character to the game in December 2021, find out all about the character and how to best use him

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 23:31 IST
Garena Free Fire added Nairi to its character list in December 2021, check out his abilities (Garena Free Fire/Canva)
Garena Free Fire added Nairi to its character list in December 2021, check out his abilities (Garena Free Fire/Canva)

One of the most unique aspects of the online multiplayer battle royale game Garena Free Fire are the unique characters. These Free Fire characters have their own unique abilities and appearances that make the game more fun and customisable to play. The game, at present, has 39 characters out of which 37 characters possess special abilities. Nulla and Primis are the only ones without any ability at all. These abilities add an extra dimension to the game and allow players to make unique strategies to win. The latest character in the game is Nairi, who was added recently in the Free Fire OB31 update. So, how does this new character stack up against others and how can you use him to get a Booyah? Read on and find out.

Nairi: Character description

Garena Free Fire has listed Nairi as a 23-year old male who loves snow but was forced to move away from cold climates. But driven by this love for the cold weather, he found his way back. “He developed micromanipulation climate technology to allow him to survive in the most extreme environments. Now he spends his time rock climbing, hiking and chasing storms looking for the answers to predicting climate,” adds the official website.

Nairi: Special Ability

The special ability of Nairi is called ‘Ice Iron'. It is a passive ability, which does not require any action from the player to activate it. Unlike active abilities, these abilities also do not come with a specific duration or cooldown time. In Garena Free Fire, Nairi's Ice Iron ability automatically heals the gloo walls after they have been deployed. At level 1 of the ability, the gloo walls recover 20% of their durability every 20 seconds.

The second effect of the Ice Iron ability enables Nairi to deal 20% more damage to gloo walls when using assault rifle ammo.

At max level (level 6), Ice Iron's gloo wall recovery improves to 25% and also allows Nairi to deal 25% more damage to gloo walls.

While this ability may not appear impressive at first, it can give players a huge tactical advantage.

How to use Nairi's Ice Iron ability in Garena Free Fire

There are three ways in which using Nairi in Garena Free Fire can give gamers a huge boost.

1. In Clash Squad mode, where there are restrictions on gloo walls, Nairi's ability can come in handy and add durability to the walls, offering more protection.

2. One of the key ways to use Nairi is deploying the 360-degree gloo wall strategy. Players often use this strategy when low on health. By surrounding themselves with gloo walls, they get that extra precious time to heal and prepare a fight-back strategy. Nairi's ability to gloo walls means players have a better chance to heal and get out of the combat unharmed.

3. Gloo walls are excellent in preparing a rushing strategy. Players use gloo walls to rush towards the enemy without taking damage. Nairi's ability is custom made to allow players that extra advantage while rushing.

When not to use Nairi's ability

Although Nairi's ability will give the players extra protection in most situations, if the player comes face to face against Skyler, it is a better idea to not rely on the ability. Skyler's riptide ability can destroy gloo walls, making Nairi's ability useless. So make sure not to use gloo walls in front of Skyler.

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