Who touched my phone? Spare yourself this nightmare with Quick Switch [SPONSORED]

Quick Switch on Galaxy A51 & A71 lets you switch between private and public instances of your most-used apps like the gallery, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, with just a double click of the power button. Now, isn’t that awesome? 

Quick Switch, introduced by Samsung, solves the privacy needs of today’s smartphone users.
Quick Switch, introduced by Samsung, solves the privacy needs of today’s smartphone users.

Smartphones play a pivotal role in our lives these days, whether it is for uploading images on Instagram, tweeting away or taking notes. Gen Z and millennials use their smartphones for everything—from storing their work, to indulging in their passion, to having fun in between. If you are someone like that, you know exactly what we mean! 

Now, imagine a situation where you are in a crowded place and someone’s trying to glance at what you’re doing on your phone. Your first instinct is to either turn around or hide your phone from them. Sounds familiar, right?

You might also recall situations where your friends, family members, or colleagues wanted to take a look at your phone, but you were uncomfortable about handing it over to them. After all, what if they happened to chance upon your private messages or pictures, right?

Say goodbye to anxieties of this kind and embrace the Alt Z Life. The Alt Z Life is all about living freely. It’s where your private life remains private.

As part of the Alt Z Life, Samsung has come up with privacy innovations called Quick Switch and Content Suggestions. The features have been introduced under the “Make for India” initiative, and are available on the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71.

This is a first for the mid-range segment of the smartphone industry. By introducing these features, Samsung has set a new benchmark.

The Galaxy A51 & Galaxy A71 smartphones come with an “awesome screen, awesome camera, and a long-lasting battery life”. Both the smartphones feature quad-camera set-ups with flagship camera features such as Single Take, Night Hyperlapse, Pro Camera Mode, Custom Filter, Smart Selfie Angle, Quick Video, and AI Gallery Zoom.

Let’s quickly break down the privacy features.


Quick Switch- Your privacy protected with only a double click

Quick Switch solves the privacy needs of today’s smartphone users. Simply put, Quick Switch is as fast as the name suggests. It’s making the Alt Z Life even easier. It lets you switch between private and public instances of your most used-apps like the gallery, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and so much more. It’s convenient while also being seamless.

A double click of the power button is all that is needed to trigger it. Thereafter, you can safely give the phone to your friends, family members and/or colleagues to take a look at. Maybe they’ll also buy the Galaxy A51/A71 thereafter.

Take a look at this video, featuring actors Radhika Madan and Sunny Singh. Radhika, who plays Sunny’s girlfriend here, is seen planning a surprise birthday bash for him when he walks in on her. But the secret remains safe thanks to the Quick Switch feature on the Galaxy A71.


Content Suggestions- Where all your private images remain private

Intelligent Content Suggestions makes the difficult look easy. It’s an on-device AI-powered engine that suggests images to be moved to the Secure Folder.

The initial set-up is very easy. You select specific faces or images which you want to keep private. Once tagged, the AI does the rest!

Let’s take an example. You return home after a vacation in the hills with your partner. Your phone has a plethora of selfies that you wouldn’t want anyone to see, not even your best friend. But guess what happens? On a Friday night, when you’re chilling with your group, somebody happens to see those photos. There! And your privacy goes out of the window.

Not anymore. Content Suggestions allows you to keep all your private photos private. In the case mentioned above, your selfies will not be visible in the public gallery, because you would have already selected your partner’s face as private and instantly moved all those pictures in your private folder! 


Never-seen-before privacy features 

Samsung’s new privacy features are in a league of their own. No other company comes even close to what Samsung is doing. Privacy is at the forefront for Samsung as a business and consumers will be happy to know that.

Setting a new benchmark in the industry is something that Samsung is used to. The Galaxy A series was already packed with an “awesome screen, awesome camera, long-lasting battery life”. Now, with these privacy innovations, there are many more reasons to pick one up. 

Both the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 are available on e-commerce platforms, retail stores and 

With the Alt Z Life, Gen Z and millennials needn’t have to worry anymore. Get yourself these phones and say bye-bye to all your privacy concerns!