Facebook Messenger ‘Auto Status’ feature in the works: Here’s how it works

Facebook Messenger’s auto status feature will show your friends you’re at. Instead of the real location details, it will use emojis to convey the same.

Facebook is working on an ‘Auto Status’ feature for its Messenger app.
Facebook is working on an ‘Auto Status’ feature for its Messenger app. (REUTERS)

Facebook is working on a new feature for Messenger which will allow users to automatically share where they are.

According to a TechCrunch report, the upcoming Messenger feature will essentially use your data such as location and use metrics such as accelerometer and battery life.

Instead of sharing your precise location info, Messenger will show an emoji to denote where you are. For instance, there will be emojis for "at the gym", "in Tokyo", "low battery", and "on the move."

Separately, reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong also reported the "Auto Status" feature on Messenger.

"Facebook Messenger is working to port Instagram Threads "Auto Status" feature," she said in a tweet which featured a preview of the interface.


The preview shows Facebook will allow users to control who can see their auto status. This includes limiting the visibility to close friends. Facebook says it will not share your address or the name of a place where you're.

Facebook spokesperson confirmed the presence of the feature. But he said it's still in the developmental phase.

"We're always exploring new features to improve your Messenger experience. This feature is still in early development and not externally testing," said Faceook's Alexandru Voica.

Facebook already allow users to share their location under "Nearby Friends." As far as the status updates go, it's not a new concept. Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and many more instant messaging platforms already offer same or similar status updates feature.