These Chrome extensions for Netflix add new features over existing ones

For most of us, there is still some time before we head back to the office. So, read this and make your Netflix experience better in every way possible.

Netflix logo on MacBook.
Netflix logo on MacBook. (Pixabay)

By now you must’ve been through several new TV series, sitcoms, movies and pretty much everything that you always wanted to watch, on Netflix. But while binge watching your favourite shows and movies on Netflix on laptops specially, you may not have used some of the ‘hacks’ that we are about to tell you today. These are not just to improve the viewing experience but also make it a seamless one so you can jump from one show to another with ease in as less time as possible. For most of us, there is still some time before we head back to the office. So, read this and make your Netflix experience better in every way possible while you can.

Skipping over the intros automatically so you can finish that season in less time. Yes, this is possible in Netflix when you are streaming on a laptop using the Chrome browser, all you have to do is to download the Skipflix: Auto Skip Netflix Intro extension and that’s it. The extension, whenever recognises the introduction page, auto clicks on the ‘Skip Intro’ feature so you don’t have to.

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Make sure what you are watching is a popular show or a movie. And how do you do that? The easier way is to download the “Enhancer for Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc” extension that shows you the IMDB rating, TV rank and drop-off rates whenever you hover the cursor over the TV show or a movie. This is pretty useful.

Adding to this is the RateFlix extension in Google Chrome that, once enabled, shows you the ratings from other rating aggregates like IMDB, Rotten and more. Usually, the ratings that you see for a TV show or a movie on Netflix is user generated and may not always show you how good or bad it is. The extension however, saves that time.

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Many times it happens that we binge watch Netflix shows and movies when using a laptop while on the bed. And we all have been in a situation where we slowly slide down to a comfortable sleeping position but can’t move to either side because laptops don’t really have screen rotation. But Chrome extensions do. So, “Netflix Flip - Rotate Netflix in Your Browser” is the extension that rotates the screen while playing your favourite show so you can watch it while lying down sideways as well.

Finally, there’s an extension that lets you watch Netflix shows and movies in the floating window above other applications while using Chrome. This is really important given that you are at home and no one can see what’s showing on the screen while you are working in the background. For this, one can download Picture-in-Picture Extension, which is made by Google itself.

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