Google Pixel 7 Highlights: Pixel Tablet introduced!

    Google Pixel 7 Launch Highlights: Google Pixel Tablet has been unveiled! More to follow.
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    | Updated on: Oct 07 2022, 11:18 IST
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    Google Pixel Tablet launched (Google)
    Google Pixel Tablet launched (Google)

    The Made By Google October event was held today. The biggest Google event of the year announced the launch of Pixel devices. Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro. Google had first hinted at new Pixel smartphones during the Google I/O event in May 2022. 

    06 Oct 2022, 08:39 PM IST

    Rick Osterloh comes back for final words

    Personal intelligence is the highlight of Pixel smartphones. The Pixel range of products will be available to buy from October 13. And that's it from Google. It's a wrap!

    06 Oct 2022, 08:33 PM IST

    Google Pixel Tablet prices to be unveiled next year

    The tablet will not be available to buy this year.

    06 Oct 2022, 08:31 PM IST

    Google Pixel Tablet launched

    Packed with Material You design and customized UI, the Google Pixel Tablet is here. It comes equipped with the G2 chipset.

    06 Oct 2022, 08:27 PM IST

    Google Pixel Watch price revealed

    Pixel Watch starts at $349 for the WiFi variant and $399 for the LTE variant and comes with 3 months of free YouTube Music subscription and 6 months of FitBit subscription.

    06 Oct 2022, 08:24 PM IST

    Google Pixel Watch has been launched

    Pixel Watch will be the first android watch with Fitbit integration. It will have an all-day heart rate tracking feature.

    06 Oct 2022, 08:18 PM IST

    Google Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro prices announced

    Google Pixel 7 will be available starting $599 and Pixel 7 Pro will be available starting $899. 

    06 Oct 2022, 08:15 PM IST

    Google Pixel 7 Pro can zoom up to 10X

    Google claims that Pixel 7 will support till 5x zoom without any distortion and Pixel 7 Pro will offer it up 10x. Digital zoom will go up to 30x. 

    06 Oct 2022, 08:08 PM IST

    Pixel video recording to support 10-Bit HDR

    Real life video shooting will be possible with 10-bit HDR support. It will also be added with third-party apps like Snapchat. Video recording also gets auto-focus and image stabilization. 4K 60 FPS support and speech enhancement will also be added to the smartphones.

    06 Oct 2022, 08:05 PM IST

    Pixel camera to improve image quality

    The Tensor G2 will improve the quality of blurry images and low light photos with its computational technology.

    06 Oct 2022, 08:01 PM IST

    Pixel 7 cameras to feature Guided Frame 

    Voice-enabled frame correction and positioning for visually impaired people have been added to the Pixel 7 cameras.

    06 Oct 2022, 08:00 PM IST

    Pixel cameras to focus on inclusivity

    Google touts its advanced computational photography. Focuses on inclusivity, image quality and video upgrades. The Pixel cameras will come with real-tone depiction of skin color to help better rendering of darker skin tone.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:57 PM IST

    Google Pixel 7 Pro launched!

    A 6.7-inch QHD+ display with a variable refresh rate between 10-120Hz comes to Pixel 7 Pro. It also gets a triple rear camera setup with boosted telephoto and ultrawide camera.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:55 PM IST

    Google Pixel 7 unveiled

    Pixel 7 will have 6.3-inch FHD+ display. It will be backed by 72 hours of battery when using Extreme Battery Saver mode. It will sport a dual rear camera module and a larger camera sensor on the front.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:48 PM IST

    Inbuilt VPN on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro!

    Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro to become the first-ever smartphone to come with inbuilt VPN, announces Google

    06 Oct 2022, 07:46 PM IST

    Google Products security updates

    Google stated that the Pixel line of products will get guaranteed 5 years of security updates.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:46 PM IST

    Focus on Privacy and Security

    "Secure by default, private by design and puts you in control" is the mantra for Google products.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:40 PM IST

    Emphasis on design and intelligence

    A major talking point today is the confluence of design and intelligence in the Pixel line of products to make it not only aesthetic but also functional.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:39 PM IST

    Google Tensor G2 announced!

    Osterloh just announced the second generation smartphone chipset called the G2.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:36 PM IST

    Osterloh talks about the full Pixel portfolio

    Google Pixel smartphone, Pixel Smartwatch, Pixel Buds (and possibly Google Nest) will be a part of the ecosystem.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:34 PM IST

    Rick Osterloh takes the stage

    Rick Osterloh, SVP, Devices & Services, Google begins by speaking about how Pixel devices leverages the full range of AI capabilities.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:31 PM IST

    The Made by Google event begins!

    The show starts with a small cinematic promo.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:26 PM IST

    Google Pixel pre-order rumors

    Some rumors are suggesting that Google Pixel 7 pre-orders can get a free Google Pixel Buds Pro. People pre-ordering Pixel 7 Pro can get a free Pixel Watch.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:19 PM IST

    Pixel 7 Pro colorways

    According to a tweet by Google India, the Pixel 7 Pro will be available in Obsidian, Snow and Hazel colors.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:17 PM IST

    Rumored Pixel 7 Pro Face Unlock

    06 Oct 2022, 07:15 PM IST

    Google Pixel Watch rumored specifications

    Google's first ever smartwatch is expected to sport a round watch face and will run on Watch OS. It will also feature a range of Fitbit functionalities. Some rumors suggest that it might be equipped with Samsung's Exynos 9110 chipset.

    06 Oct 2022, 07:06 PM IST

    What's new in the Google Pixel 7 Pro?

    The Google Pixel 7 Pro can feature a larger 6.7-inch QHD+ display with 120Hz refresh rate. It is rumored to sport a a 50MP primary camera and a 48MP telephoto camera and a macro focus mode. 

    06 Oct 2022, 07:02 PM IST

    Rumored specifications for Google Pixel 7

    The Google Pixel 7 is rumored to feature a 6.3-inch FHD+ display with 90Hz refresh rate. It is likely to be equipped with Tensor G2 chipset.  Some upgrades to the rear and front cameras are also expected.

    06 Oct 2022, 06:56 PM IST

    Google Pixel event livestream

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