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If you took 'Dante', changed his gender and endowed him with more style and flair, you’d get Bayonetta — developer Hideki Kamiya’s latest muse. Check out more games...

| Updated on: Jan 12 2010, 20:19 IST

Bayonetta: So if you took 'Dante', changed his gender and endowed him with more style and flair, you'd get Bayonetta — developer Hideki Kamiya's latest muse. We're already very impressed with the game's easy but intricate combat system, so head over to our preview to understand why you need to own this game.

Army of Two: The 40th Day: Salem and Rios, the two cocky mercenaries for hire from Army of Two, are back! And this time they find themselves in the middle of some serious havoc when a routine mission in Shanghai goes awry. Besides all the usual cooperative action, expect newer moves including the ability to feign surrender, use enemies as human shields and so on.

Darksiders: So it's the apocalypse once again, but instead of some puny human striving to survive what's left of it, you'll be stepping into the massive boots of War. You're one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse who's sent down to earth to figure out who trashed it. As far as the gameplay is concerned, picture God of War meets Grand Theft Auto meets Prince of Persia with a whole amount of violence thrown in for good measure.

Dark Void: Ever wondered what happened to all the people that disappeared from the Bermuda Triangle? Well, they enter a dimension full of dominating evil robots and rocket jet packs, if Capcom's latest game Dark Void is anything to go by. In it, you'll play as a cargo pilot who, after an incident, finds himself in the Bermuda Triangle where he becomes an unlikely hero saving civilisation from evil robots.

Mass Effect 2: Fusing action with role playing elements has always been BioWare's forte, and with Mass Effect they seemed to have perfected that formula. Now with Mass Effect 2, they plan on taking it to the next level with a visual upgrade and tons of gameplay improvements.

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First Published Date: 12 Jan, 17:52 IST