Newton Mail founder launches personal asset tracker, Kubera

Kubera is free for first 100 days.

| Updated on: May 26 2020, 17:38 IST
Kubera also tracks cryptocurrency values.
Kubera also tracks cryptocurrency values. (Kubera)
Kubera also tracks cryptocurrency values.
Kubera also tracks cryptocurrency values. (Kubera)

Newton Mail founder, Rohit Nadhani, is back with another project. After launching Webyog and Newton, Nadhani today launched a personal asset tracker platform called Kubera.

The platform aims to offer an easy and more extensive alternative to using spreadsheets for managing users' various assets such as investments, properties, loans, stocks and bonds, properties, collectibles, cryptocurrencies and it was inspired from the founder's personal experience.

As Nadhani explains in a blog post, he was caught in a tide at Costa Rica and had to be rescued. On heading home, the first thing he did was make a list of all his assets in Google Sheets and shared it with his wife in case anything ever happened to him. As it turns out, the list was more complicated than just real estate, insurance, stocks and bonds and retirement accounts. The list he made also had assets like collectibles, precious metals, private investments, foreign investments, loans to family and friends, crypto, domain names, trademarks, taglines & other digital assets.

The Newton Mail founder quickly realised that he wanted a service that had features that would automatically fetch asset values and share the list with his family in case of his death. The existing solutions didn't meet his requirements and so he reached out to his former colleagues Umesh Gopinath and Manoj Marathayli and together they built a service that could list users' assets in a simple spreadsheet format, fetch current asset values automatically, support foreign investments and cryptocurrencies, had a document vault to store all important documents and have “purpose-built” sharing controls.

Kubera is launching today with not only the features that enable it to manage and track users' wealth but it also has a bunch of security features built in that make it safe for users to store their financial data. It uses the open standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt user data. This protects against physical exfiltration or access of users data. Additionally, it requires HTTPS on all pages and it uses HSTS to ensure browsers only ever connect to us over a secure connection. It also supports a two-step verification process via Google Sign in and it is launching a similar two-step process for people who do not have a Google account soon.

And in case you had your doubts about the data being sold to third parties, Kubera says that it relies on a subscription-based model to earn revenue. The service is free for the first 100 days following which users will have to pay a yearly subscription fee of $10 ( 756 approximately) for this service.

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First Published Date: 26 May, 13:13 IST