Sunspot explosion blasts out M-class solar flares! Causes radio blackout in USA | Tech News

Sunspot explosion blasts out M-class solar flares! Causes radio blackout in USA

A recent sunspot explosion blasted out dangerous M-class solar flares directly towards Earth which caused radio blackouts. Check details.

| Updated on: May 08 2023, 08:11 IST
Giant black hole blows 2 bubbles in gas surrounding Messier 84; NASA shares awesome photos
image caption
1/5 A giant black hole which has blown two bubbles in the hot gas surrounding it in the M84 Galaxy. (NASA)
solar flares
2/5 The result is a structure in X-rays that looks like the Letter "H". (NASA)
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3/5 The "H" shows up in an image from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. (NASA)
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4/5 Jets from the black hole pushed the hot gas aside to create this unusual outline. (NASA)
image caption
5/5 NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory was employed by astronomers to produce a visual representation of the hot gas (pink in color) present in and around the galaxy M84. The map covers a distance of nearly 100 light-years from the central black hole of the galaxy. (NASA)
solar flares
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M-class solar flares recently struck Earth. (NASA)

The possibility of the Sun causing catastrophic damage on Earth might seem something out of a science-fiction film, but this threat is very true. One of the best examples of Solar activity harming Earth was provided by the Roland Emmerich film 2012. It depicted the apocalypse prophesied by the Mayans many centuries ago. The storyline of the movie revolved around the Sun emitting unstable neutrinos because of anomalous energy processes, which were causing the Earth's core to heat up and eventually lead to its destruction.

Although the ‘science' part of the film was a bit over the top, the threat posed by the Sun could cause significant damage on Earth, and a recent solar flare impact gave us a hint of the Sun's mighty power.

Solar flare impact

According to a report by, a Reversed-polarity sunspot, given the designation AR3296, exploded on the Sun, blasting out dangerous solar flares directly towards Earth yesterday, May 7. Forecasters at NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) revealed that this explosion on the solar surface produced a M1.5-class solar flare which lasted for a substantial amount of time.

As soon as this solar flare struck Earth, it caused a shortwave radio blackout over Western USA and the Pacific Ocean, making it harder for Ham Radio operators and Mariners to stay in contact.

Reason behind the blackout

The report further revealed that the shortwave radio blackout occurred due to extreme ultraviolet radiation from the flare which ionized the top of Earth's atmosphere. When charged solar particles hit Earth, the radio communications and the power grid are affected when it hits the planet's magnetic field. It can cause power and radio blackouts for several hours or even days. However, electricity grid problems occur only if the solar flare is extremely large.

Technology involved in solar observation

The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) carries a full suite of instruments to observe the Sun and has been doing so since 2010. It uses three very crucial instruments to collect data from various solar activities.

They include Helio seismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) which takes high-resolution measurements of the longitudinal and vector magnetic field over the entire visible solar disk, Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE) which measures the Sun's extreme ultraviolet irradiance and Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) which provides continuous full-disk observations of the solar chromosphere and corona in seven extreme ultraviolet (EUV) channels.

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First Published Date: 08 May, 08:09 IST