WINNER! Google answers better than Siri

Looking for an answer to a question? It has been proved that a simple Google search would produce better results than Apple iPhone's much-hyped voice recognition app Siri.

| Updated on: Jul 02 2012, 13:54 IST

Google search engine has performed far better than Apple iPhone's much-hyped voice recognition app Siri in a rigorous test conducted by an analyst.

Siri, the signature feature of the Apple iPhone 4S that was introduced in October, has received a lot of criticism from consumers.

A recent test by Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, a U.S.-based banking firm, proved that the app, which lets you use your voice to send messages, make calls, set reminders, and more, is not doing its job as expected.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Munster had asked Siri a series of 1600 questions to get some hard data on how well it works and asked the same questions of the Google search engine for a comparison.

Munster asked Siri 800 of the questions in a quiet room and asked the others out on the streets of Minneapolis in the U.S.

His results showed Siri understood 83 per cent of the questions asked during noisy situations and 89 per cent in quiet situations.

The app answered 62 per cent of the questions asked in noisy conditions correctly and 68 per cent in the quiet room.

By comparison, questions typed into Google were understood every time, and Google replied accurately 86 per cent of the time.

"In order to become a viable mobile search alternative Siri must match or surpass Google''s accuracy of B+ and move from a grade D to a B or higher," Business magazine Fortune quoted Munster, as saying.

"We expect Siri to improve meaningfully while reducing its reliance on Google from 60 per cent to 48 per cent," he added.

According to Munster, at present, Siri gets 60 per cent of her answers from Google, 20 per cent from Yelp, 14 per cent from WolframAlpha, four per cent from Yahoo and two per cent from Wikipedia.

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First Published Date: 02 Jul, 13:39 IST