OPPO Enco X hits sweet spot with great audio quality, battery life [PARTNERED]

    Whether you’re out jogging, sweating it out at the gym or listening to your favorite track, the OPPO ENCO X earbuds, co-created with Dynaudio, will leave you speechless with its audio quality and ergonomic build
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    | Updated on: Jan 22 2021, 15:56 IST
    OPPO Enco X, with its industry-first features, already seems to have hit the right chord with audiophiles.
    OPPO Enco X, with its industry-first features, already seems to have hit the right chord with audiophiles. (OPPO)
    OPPO Enco X, with its industry-first features, already seems to have hit the right chord with audiophiles.
    OPPO Enco X, with its industry-first features, already seems to have hit the right chord with audiophiles. (OPPO)

    OPPO is not only celebrated within the smartphone industry but has built a legacy within the acoustic segment as well. Over the years, OPPO has sharpened it's technical and design prowess by introducing some of the best audio devices. From the MP3 and MP4 to the OPPO PM5 Planar Magnetic to OPPO Enco W51, OPPO has always maintained a level of detail in the sound. With its newest pair of truly wireless earphones, OPPO has upped its tech quotient, once again.

    Staying true to it's commitment of innovation and aural proficiency, OPPO launched the new OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones on 18th January which is now available for purchase from January 22nd.

    The striking OPPO Enco X with its industry-first features already seems to have hit the right chords among the audiophiles! I had the OPPO Enco X for a week and can confidently say that I am quite impressed with the audio output as well as innovative offerings. Be it OPPO's collaboration with Dynaudio, it's IP54 rating or DBEE 3.0 sound system, this is one device I'll be reaching for happily. 

    Audio quality you've never heard of

    OPPO Enco X is co-created in collaboration with premium Danish audio giant, Dynaudio who are known for their premium, high-end hi-fi audio. To ensure that you get to experience digitally precise sound with the Enco X earphones, OPPO has evaluated 30 different materials, 152 components and went through 120 rounds of structural fine-tuning to bring you a compact device that ensures your listening experience is delightful.

    The OPPO Enco X earphones support the high fidelity LHDC codec and the innovative DBEE 3.0 Sound System so as to give it's users the best high-definition audio output meaning, clearer audio, deeper bass and superb clarity. The earbuds have a dual driver setup comprising of coaxial dynamic drivers and 6mm balanced membrane drivers that cover a wider range of frequencies and create a more dynamic audio experience.

    Putting the OPPO Enco X to the test with a select playlist, I was welcomed by such a pristine response from the highs to the mids. The tuning is such that the vocals are a delight to hear, as the midrange is detailed, and the treble is sublime! What's more is that even at the maximum volume, the sound does not get muddled. It's so sharp and detailed, every piece of music from the vocalist, guitars or drums could be heard clearly. 

    The best Active Noise Cancellation in the segment

    OPPO has fine-tuned its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) algorithms and it comes with four modes - on, off, maximum and 'transparency' (where it cranks up the natural sounds around you) - and each of them is implemented perfectly. Depending on where you are, there is always a right mode that lets you enjoy your music. 

    OPPO also deserves all the praise for having achieved almost no loss in audio quality when the ANC setting is turned to the max. All the external noise is removed, and you are one with the song playing. I got the opportunity to experience this while wading through traffic in my cab ride, when every external sound was muted out. That's the level of effectiveness that OPPO is offering with this device.

     A powerful device through and through 

    For those unaware, ANC analyzes the noises in its surroundings and automatically cancels out unnecessary sound waves detected through the microphones. The ANC  on the OPPO Enco X have impressed me and have made phone calls so much clearer, enjoyable and let me also mention; productive!

    With its four noise cancellation modes Max Noise Cancellation, Noise Cancellation, Transparency and Noise Cancellation Off, OPPO has re-defined customization as I can switch across modes depending on the activity. The Transparency mode is super handy for times when users want to interact with others or take in their surroundings without having to remove their earphones. On the other hand, Max Noise Cancellations ensure you have absolute clear sound without creating a vacuum in your head making it perfect for times you want prefer extreme concentration.

    Ergonomic and handy, with a premium finish

    Coming down to the design, OPPO has adopted the stem design for Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones. With multiple size ear tips provided and weigh just 4.8g per earbud, they are comfortable to wear and handle. Designed to fit snugly into the ears, the device does not easily fall off even during strenuous activities. You also get the IP54 rating which means that the device is water and dustproof resistant. 

    The OPPO Enco X are available in three colours - White, Black, and Green and come with a premium charging case. With the wireless charging case (that weighs just 43g), the OPPO Enco X boasts a remarkably long battery life. You get 4 hours of battery on ANC and a total of 20 hours with the case. Without noise cancelling, you can expect the numbers to go up to 5.5 hours with the buds and 25 hours with the case making low battery-anxiety a thing of the past. What's even better is that the OPPO Enco X is compatible with Qi charging mats so your existing wireless charger can easily charge these headphones. 

    The final verdict

    The OPPO Enco X Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones truly stands out among competitors as it's packed with high-end tech aimed at elevating a user's listening experience.  

    With enhanced audio quality and active noise cancellation options, I was able to dive right into the aural experience through my favorite playlists and podcasts even with the busy city commotion surrounding me. 

    OPPO's newest offering has managed to excite and inspire the audiophile in me and is definitely the device you'd want for every occasion be it dancing your heart out, sweating it on a run, taking your work calls or even relaxing on your couch. With SBC, AAC, and LHDC Bluetooth codecs, the audio shines through and through. This is one product you wouldn't want to miss out on!

    Priced at INR 9,990, OPPO Enco X is excellent value for money in the premium ANC segment. The device is now available on Flipkart as well as in offline stores, so make sure to don't miss out on owning a pair!








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