PUBG Mobile: Tips to get that chicken dinner for the last player standing

If you're the last player standing from your squad, here are some tips to get that chicken dinner.

PUBG Mobile tips for that chicken dinner if you're the last player standing.
PUBG Mobile tips for that chicken dinner if you're the last player standing. (PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile requires teamwork and your squad should be one you can count. But if you’re stuck in situations where you’re the last player standing from your squad then you can have the chicken dinner all to yourself.

There’s the benefit of enjoying the chicken dinner but without your squad to cover for you or revive you, it can often get risky. So if you ever become the last person standing PUBG Mobile has some tips to get that chicken dinner.

Loot up

Make sure that you’re well stocked up with loot that will help you survive throughout the entire course of the game. It’s important to have 2 top-notch guns, scopes and lots of ammunition.

Safe zone and hiding spots

Towards the end of the game the safe zones will start closing faster. So make sure that you remain close to the edges of the safe zone. Since you’re the last player remaining there’s really no one left to cover for you or revive your health. So find the best hiding spots like roofs of houses or mountain tops as you also get a good view of the movement of enemies. And while you’re hiding out you can take this time to keep a check on your health and make sure you’re healed up.

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Looting corpses

If you’re thinking of looting more corpses try not to do that. With around 20 final players in the game it gets easier to draw attention. So it’s best to avoid looting corpses unless you really need healing items.

Bait and kill

If you have items that you stocked and you probably won’t use them here’s one way to make use of it. Select some of those items like first aid kits, energy drinks and even ammo and place them in an area, and wait for enemies to come for the loot and take them out.

Calm your nerves

As players start to decrease it gets more competitive. So if you find yourself among the very few players in the game try to take some time out in a good hiding spot and take a deep breath and calm your nerves. You can also use this time to strategise your gameplay.

Last duel

If you’ve successfully come to the point where it’s just you and another player for the chicken dinner, then one thing you need to be sure of is your enemy’s location. You can even try tricks like throwing a frag grenade to your left and running to the right to confuse your enemy. You can then attack from the opposite side and kill your enemy.